The shit-posting, Twitter-trolling, dog-deploying social media army taking on Putin one meme at a time

The shit-posting, Twitter-trolling, dog-deploying social media army taking on Putin one meme at a time



Here’s How To Neutralize NAFO Trolls & Get Cartoon Dogs To Promote Pro-Russian Posts

Shitposting Shiba Inu Accounts Chased a Russian Diplomat Offline

If you’re plugged into the U.S. military social media sphere, they’re impossible to miss. They’re cute and ludicrous anthropomorphic Shiba avatars. They’re cute faces poking over track suits and army fatigues, some wear suits, some carry military equipment. These are the Fellas. Jack McCain, helicopter pilot and son of John McCain, uses a Fella avatar. CNN analyst and retired U.S. Army officer Mark Hertling is sharing the meme. U.S. Army Major General Patrick Donahoe is using a Fella avatar.

Interview with Lawrence Wilkerson

Retired US army colonel Lawrence Wilkerson touches on a number of hot topics, from a potential war between Lebanon and “Israel”, the dwindling Israeli military capabilities, to Biden’s Middle East doctrine, all the while casting doubt on Trump’s re-election.

Former chief of staff to US Secretary of State Colin Powell: Best case scenario for “Israel” in future war with Hezbollah would be a stalemate

Video via Al Mayadeen English

Benjamin Teitelbaum on Aleksander Dugin

Everything surrounding the Russian philosopher, occultist and unofficial diplomat is shrouded in mystery.

Benjamin Teitelbaum on Aleksander Dugin: Why was Alexander Dugin’s daughter assassinated?

I’m posting this more for what he says about Aleksander Dugin as he has “met and interviewed Alexander Dugin many times” for his book. He speculates on who assassinated Darya, and why someone might target her father, most of which I don’t agree with.

CIA intimidated Britain to force ‘ally’ to cut ties with China’s Huawei

“America has no permanent friends or enemies, only interests” ― Henry Kissinger

Aug 24, 2022 – The Donald Trump White House and CIA ran “black ops” to intimate close US “ally” Britain to cut all ties with China’s tech giant Huawei, hurting the UK’s own economic interests in order to advance Washington’s trade war on Beijing.


Resource: 5G wars: the US plot to make Britain ditch Huawei