Feds target Steve Bannon-linked company for the ‘unlawful spreading of COVID-19 misinformation’

Feds target Steve Bannon-linked company for the ‘unlawful spreading of COVID-19 misinformation’

DOJ Statement: Justice Department and FTC Announce Action to Stop Deceptive Marketing of Purported COVID-19 Treatments

I don’t understand why Congress even had to make it law, considering the following (I’m not saying that either help or not): 🤦🏼‍♀️

In 1994, the Dietary Supplements Health and Education Act was passed which established the guidelines for dietary supplement labeling claims for the FDA. This act requires labeling claims to be “truthful, not misleading and substantiated.” Likewise, the FTC has its own legislation under the Enforcement Policy Statement on Food Advertising which applies to supplements as well as food. This act defers to the FDA’s ruling on what is considered to be truthful, not misleading and substantiated and defines a deceptive ad as “one that contains a misrepresentation or omission that is likely to mislead consumers acting reasonable under the circumstances to their detriment.”

Generally, a claim that is made on a dietary supplement must be backed by scientific evidence to be considered for inclusion on a label by the FDA. For FTC requirements, these same requirements must be met, however any claims that can be inferred from the advertising or anything that is implied by claims made must also be truthful and substantiated. It is important to be meticulous in label creation to ensure compliance with these laws. Unless you are well versed in FDA and FTC regulations, it is extremely important to consult with an label consultant to ensure that no label claims may be subject to disciplinary action by these federal agencies.

False Advertising in Dietary Supplements

The MAGA Clowns Making Chaos at the Border Have Ugly Pasts

The MAGA Clowns Making Chaos at the Border Have Ugly Pasts

In July 2019, Zuniga participated in a border wall symposium near El Paso organized by Bannon as part of the “We Build The Wall” campaign that got the former Trump aide arrested on charges of defrauding donors—at least until he was pardoned. At the event, speakers railed against an alleged invasion. Days later, prosecutors say a white racist executed 23 people at an El Paso Wal-Mart, citing a “Hispanic invasion.” Zuniga told The Daily Beast she condemns acts of violence, and doesn’t see a connection with her rhetoric. “I don’t believe killing people is the answer,” she said.


Bannon & GamerGate

Bannon rips Italian court over decision to block populist training center

Italy’s top administrative court ruled against former White House adviser Stephen Bannon’s conservative think tank in a decision that Bannon called a politically motivated “joke,” The Associated Press reported on Tuesday.

Bannon rips Italian court over decision to block populist training center


Steve Bannon loses battle to set up rightwing political academy in Italy

The institute’s founder, Benjamin Harnwell, confirmed Monday’s decision against the DHI in a telephone call with Reuters but said he had no immediate further comment. He said lawyers were still studying the ruling.

Zingaretti hails court move to eject Bannon group from abbey