The Canadian Vaping Association’s Response to Professor Glantz

The Canadian Vaping Association’s Response to Professor Glantz

Hamilton, ON, March 20, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — While Canadians live through these unprecedented times surrounding the COVID-19 crisis, Stanton Glantz continues to spread false information regarding nicotine vape products. Glantz comments as quoted in the CTV article “How smoking, vaping and drug use might increase risks from COVID-19” not only show his bias against vaping but the complete lack of any facts to support his claims.
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Guaidó Left out in the Cold at Gatineau Lima Group Meeting

Thus, Trudeau is being mandated once again to do Trump’s dirty work, opportunistically using his advantage over the other Lima group members thanks to his ability to speak English and French, and thus able to directly reach out to Europe, the Caribbean and elsewhere, hoping to steal the international spotlight and gain votes at the UN for the Security Council seat Canada covets.
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Nazi collabo families and racist propaganda in the New York Times

Last week’s cynical revisionist Holocaust tweeting by Chrystia Freeland — one of the most powerful politicians in Canada — reminded me of something I wanted about to write a while back. A few months ago, I was having dinner with a journalist colleague at my favorite Ukrainian collaborationist emigre restaurant in the East Village. We were discussing the insane xenophobia that permeates America’s media coverage about Russia and talked turned to a xenophobic
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