Pompeo flounders on why annexation is good for the Golan but not for Crimea

Donald Trump’s decision to recognise Israeli sovereignty over territory it seized from Syria sets a troubling precedent, experts fear
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CNN Recognised Simferopol as a Part of Russia • СТАЛКЕР/ZONE

The CNN TV channel unexpectedly recognised Simferopol as a part of Russia. It happened in the course of showing a video skit about how New Year is celebrated on the peninsula.

The TV channel showed to the audience a photo of a fireworks celebration that was held in Simferopol on New Year’s Eve. At the same time the caption on the lower part of the screen informed Americans that the event took place in Simferopol, Russia. Thus, the TV channel almost officially recognised the capital of Crimea, and thus the peninsula, as a part of Russia.
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Meet Mostik!

I love cats and heard about Mostik a few months ago. Since then, I’ve been following him (her?) on social media. I don’t read, or speak, Russian, but Facebook and IG translate, for what it’s worth. I’ve played with Google Translate to comment in Russian, but only a few times, as it probably doesn’t translate correctly. My header image is of the Crimean Bridge. I think it’s beautiful and from photographs that I’ve seen of Crimea, I’d love to visit one day (I don’t buy into the Russophobia)!

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