America’s Longest Foreign War

Another ramp up in yet another 20+ year war. This time, Somalia – where the current administration will put hundreds of troops back that were withdrawn by the previous administration. After that administration put them there in the first place and ramped up the bombing to record levels.

America’s Longest Foreign War


Another Failed 20-Year War: America vs. Somalia

President Biden Orders Redeployment of Troops to Somalia

Many Africans Reject Washington’s Position on Ukraine Crisis

Many Africans Reject Washington’s Position on Ukraine Crisis

These forces must unite to overturn the war program of the White House and Pentagon which only robs the people of their rights to decent housing, education, food, water, environmental justice and all other necessities of modern life. A new foreign policy must be developed which defunds the defense department and dismantles the U.S. bases which are waging war around the globe.

#TrudeauMustGo: Why Canada’s Leader Has Lost His Legitimacy

By the same standards that the US-led West applies towards the leaders of Global South nations, some could consider that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau already de facto abdicated after fleeing his capital. After all, that’s exactly what they’d say if Syrian President Bashar Assad or Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed did the same.

#TrudeauMustGo: Why Canada’s Leader Has Lost His Legitimacy

Latest Update:

Canada trucker protest: Ottawa declares emergency