Breaking Up Is So Very Hard to Do

A 2018 independence vote in New Caledonia resulted in 43.3 percent in favor, with 56.67 percent opposed. On September 6, 2020, New Caledonia will hold another referendum. Independence for the French territory in the Pacific is prejudiced by the number of wealthy French Europeans who reside in the territory and outside political and intelligence influence by Australia. A similar independence referendum for the island chain of Chuuk in Micronesia is scheduled for March 2020. In August 2019, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo made the first visit by a Secretary of State to Micronesia, a former U.S. Trust Territory. On the agenda was U.S. militarization of the region, as well as firm opposition to the impending Chuukese independence referendum. That same bellicose attitude by the Pompeo State Department has resulted in postponed status referenda in the Danish territories of the Faroes and Greenland, where U.S. militarization of the Arctic is high on the Trump administration’s agenda
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Can MIC just leave shit alone?!

Wisconsin Assembly unanimously votes to pass bill requiring schools to teach about the Holocaust

The Wisconsin State Assembly has voted unanimously this week to pass legislation that would make it mandatory for middle schools and high schools in the state to teach students about the Holocaust and other genocides.
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What is Replacement Theology?

What is Replacement Theology?

Replacement theology is the idea that Christians have replaced Jews as God’s chosen people. Replacement theology’s followers believe that since the Jews rejected and crucified Jesus and refused to follow him, God rejected them and made a new covenant with the church. This covenant cancels God’s special covenant with the Jewish people.


Replacement theology came about partly because of the conflict between synagogues and Christian churches in the earliest centuries. This conflict appears in John 9, where the man born blind is cast out of the synagogue because he said that Jesus healed him. Later, as the church became the main religious force in the Roman Empire, hostility against Judaism influenced some leading church theologians to condemn and even demonize the Jewish people. Thus began the spread of anti-Semitism through much of Christian Europe.

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