Reporters Without Borders launches campaign to censor Russian media

Reporters Without Borders launches campaign to censor Russian media


Steve Sweeney Exposes RSF’s Call For Censorship of Russian Media As Ukraine Bombs Donbass Civilians via Eva K Bartlett

France’s Eutelsat must stop collaborating with Russia’s war propaganda machine

Reporters Without Borders to Russia: Stop crackdown on media (*Meduza)

The UK FCO projects were carried out covertly, and in partnership with purportedly independent, high-profile online media outfits including Bellingcat, *Meduza, and the Pussy Riot-founded Mediazona. Bellingcat’s participation apparently included a UK FCO intervention in North Macedonia’s 2019 elections on behalf of the pro-NATO candidate.

Reuters, BBC, and Bellingcat participated in covert UK Foreign Office-funded programs to “weaken Russia,” leaked docs reveal

Reporters Without Borders:

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Gustavo Petro is Colombia’s New President

The preliminary results on the electoral pre-count of the National Registry of Colombia reveal that presidential candidate Gustavo Petro, of the Historical Pact, is ahead of his opponent Rodolfo Hernández, of the League of Governors against Corruption. With 99.67% of the votes counted, the center-left politician, with 50.48%, obtained the advantage over Hernández, who partially accumulated 47.26%.

Gustavo Petro is Colombia’s New President


Left-wing Historic Pact coalition emerges victorious in Colombia

Colombia’s Next President Congratulated by Latin American Leaders

The MADness of the Resurgent US Cold War With Russia

The war in Ukraine has placed US and NATO policy toward Russia under a spotlight, highlighting how the US and its allies have expanded NATO right up to Russia’s borders, backed a coup and now a proxy war in Ukraine, imposed waves of economic sanctions, and launched a debilitating trillion-dollar arms race. The explicit goal is to pressure, weaken and ultimately eliminate Russia, or a Russia-China partnership, as a strategic competitor to US imperial power.

The MADness of the Resurgent US Cold War With Russia