U.S. targets Russia with tech to evade censorship of Ukraine news

U.S. targets Russia with tech to evade censorship of Ukraine news


US funds software for Russians to slip past censors:

While some, like Ukraine’s leadership, have called for Russia to be cut off from the internet, others have noted access is key for opposition groups.

OTF was used during the Hong Kong riots/failed color revolution:

Hearing Reveals US Govt’s Invisible Hand in Protests Around the World

Washington finally admits it has been interfering in Hong Kong

Washington’s Anti-Chinese “Pan-Asian Alliance”

For US Corporate Media, Not Intervening in Chinese Politics Is Journalistically Suspect

Origins of OTF:

Internet Privacy, Funded By Spies (BBG is now USAGM)

The Centre of International Insecurity

The Biden administration is no longer in charge of the White House. Relying on a select network of think-tanks and their corporate proxies, the Big Defense is. What it wants, it seems to get.

The Centre of International Insecurity


Scott [Horton] is joined by Dan Steinbock to discuss an article he wrote about the network of Democratic organizations running American foreign policy. Steinbock has dug deep into the Center for a New American Security (CNAS) and WestExec Advisors, two organizations that have allowed top foreign policy officials to make money cycling between government, think tank and advisory roles. Steinbock also takes a step back and examines how these organizations are connected to weapons companies, Wall Street and technology firms.

6/27/22 Dan Steinbock: How Hawkish Democrats Make Money Pushing War

Freelance journalist, Anne-Laure Bonnel, is latest to be censored


And if some believe that what is happening to Alina Lipp could not happen in France, they should look at what is happening to Anne-Laure Bonnel. This French freelance journalist who came to the Donbass in 2015 and 2022, and who also spoke openly about the Ukrainian army’s war crimes in the Donbass.

Not surprisingly, she found herself alongside Alina Lipp and myself in the “article” in the rag Le Monde on “dangerous pro-Russian influencers”. In reality, this article is just one of many in a coordinated attack by ISD, yet another organisation claiming to fight disinformation in several Western countries, but which in reality serves to justify censorship. The accusations made against “pro-Russian influencers” by ISD have indeed been picked up by several media, in France, Germany, the United States, and surely elsewhere (I don’t have the means to check the entire world press).

Anne-Laure Bonnel has also been directly and personally attacked by several French media outlets who have simply denigrated her, even defamed her. And as in the case of Julian Assange, or Alina Lipp, the authorities are using financial suffocation to try to silence her.

As in the case of Alina Lipp, Anne-Laure Bonnel’s bank account was temporarily blocked by her bank, Société Générale, and her contract with the Sorbonne University was not renewed.

After Crypto Money Piled into Campaign Coffers of Senators Lummis and Gillibrand, They Introduced a Sweetheart Legislative Bill for Crypto

By Pam Martens and Russ Martens: June 20 , 2022 ~

On June 7, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, a Democrat from New York who sits on the Senate Agriculture Committee which oversees commodities, and Senator Cynthia Lummis, a Republican from Wyoming who sits on the Senate Banking Committee which oversees Wall Street and trading, introduced a bill as an early Christmas present to the crypto industry. It carries the Alice in Wonderland title of the Responsible Financial Innovation Act.

After Crypto Money Piled into Campaign Coffers of Senators Lummis and Gillibrand, They Introduced a Sweetheart Legislative Bill for Crypto

The Unjustified Criticism of High Commissioner Michelle Bachetlet’s Visit to China

As former UN rapporteurs we are committed to the promotion and protection of human rights in all corners of the world, including China. Progress can only be achieved on the basis on good faith implementation of the UN Charter and UN human rights treaties, and requires patience, perseverance, and international solidarity.

The Unjustified Criticism of High Commissioner Michelle Bachetlet’s Visit to China

US Coerces UN Human Rights Chief Following Xinjiang China Visit

Jun 11, 2022 — In the wake of the UN human rights chief’s visit to Xinjiang, China – the Western media and US government-funded organizations have concluded that the UN is not sufficiently repeating Western claims about China’s alleged treatment of its Uyghur minority.

In reality, the US is spreading false narratives about China just as it did regarding Iraq in 2003 – all to undermine and isolate China on the global stage in a bid to prevent it from surpassing the US, and because the US is not capable of competing with China fairly.

US Coerces UN Human Rights Chief Following Xinjiang China Visit (Odysse) — The New Atlas on YouTube


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UN High Commissioner for Human Rights visits China

A blow for Western diplomacy: the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Chilean national Michele Bachelet, has just completed a six-day visit to China, looking in particular for evidence of the “Uyghur genocide”, but had to leave empty-handed. Going back 17 years, none of her predecessors has ever set foot in China.

Ms. Bachelet interviewed several dignitaries, heads of associations, religious leaders and witnesses at large. She even paid a visit to Kashi prison, but could find nothing that conflicted with the official Chinese version.

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights visits China


Statement by UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet after official visit to China

US keeps manipulating high-profile UN Xinjiang visit to attack China: FM

Western Propaganda.

[1999] CIA’s War Against China

by Ralph McGehee, December 1999

The US has again asked the UN to condemn China’s human rights record. Our nervousness over this issue is increased by the scheduled reversion of Hong Kong to Chinese rule next year. The condemnation request has been accompanied by a barrage of media stor ies about China’s treatment of orphans, the Laogai prison system, the lack of political freedom and other issues. Observers of international political developments will recognize such stories as the standard accompaniment of operations by the CIA/NED to alter or overthrow target governments. The US corporate-owned media, in league with government agencies, orchestrate media coverage to demonize states in conflict with corporate plans. (Many of the media stories seem to be generated by the “privately funded” US-based Human Rights Watch/Asia). Once and if the Chinese government is changed and serves well the corporate state, even if any abuses multiply — we will hear no protest.

CIA’s War Against China
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