Non-Covid News of the Day – 05.22.2020

Source (YouTube): Non-Covid News of the Day

That’s right. There are other stories worth looking into as the Plandemic rolls on.

Non-COVID News of the Day

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Vaccine Wars

CrossTalk Quarantine Edition: China Square? (YouTube)

Pakistan Plane Crash Updates: Passenger Plane From Lahore Crashes Near Karachi, Say Report

Iraqi protests resume as new government builds support for reform

UK Citizen installed as PM of Iraq: Who is Mustafa al-Kadhimi, Iraq’s new prime minister?

The American Genie – Engineering a Catastrophe

Iraq Chooses New Prime Minister, an Ex-Security Chief Backed by U.S.

Iraq Chooses New Prime Minister, an Ex-Security Chief Backed by U.S.

Iraq’s Parliament chose an American-backed former intelligence chief as the new prime minister early Thursday morning, giving the country its first real government in more than five months as it confronts an array of potentially crippling crises.
The prime minister, Mustafa Khadimi, 53, who has both strong ties to the Americans and a reputation for pragmatism, was seen as acceptable to Iran, the other major foreign power competing for influence in Iraq.

If Trump Sues China, Iraq Should Demand Compensation for Unjust War

If Trump Sues China, Iraq Should Demand Compensation for Unjust War

Then too, American leaders had concealed or swept aside intelligence contrary to the rhetoric they employed for whipping up domestic sentiments in favour of the war. Then too, Western leaders, most spectacularly British Prime Minister Tony Blair, endorsed Washington’s line on Iraq and engaged in war-mongering. Then too, Bush cocked a snook at the United Nations and the International Atomic Energy Agency, which was inspecting Iraqi sites to verify whether it was producing weapons of mass destruction, as has Trump at the World Health Organisation in the past few weeks.

America, We Have To End the Wars Now

America, We Have To End the Wars Now

Not one American in a million is willing to sacrifice their own home town in a nuclear war with China over an island [Taiwan] that means nothing to them. Nor should they. Nor should our government even dream they have the authority to hand out such dangerous war guarantees to any other country in such a reckless fashion.