Kuleba: China did not offer to give occupied Ukrainian territories to Russia

Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said that Polish, German, French and Belgian diplomats do not confirm that Chinese Special Envoy Li Hui proposed to leave the occupied Ukrainian territories to Russia.

On Friday, the Wall Street Journal reported that a Chinese delegation headed by Li Hui, during a tour of the EU, urged European leaders to demand an immediate ceasefire in Ukraine, leaving Russia with the territories it seized.

Kuleba: China did not offer to give occupied Ukrainian territories to Russia

Unexpected: Studies Suggest That Rather Than Killing Jobs, AI Could Revive The Middle Class + More

We’ve certainly been talking a lot about the “AI Doomers” who insist that AI is all too likely to destroy humanity. However, even people who aren’t fully on board with the existential threat of AI do often say that, at the very least, it’s going to destroy jobs for most people, potentially creating huge problems. For years now, people have been arguing for universal basic income, in large part, because they think that automation and AI will take away everyone’s jobs. I mean, it was a core plank of Andrew Yang’s silly run for President.

Studies Suggest That Rather Than Killing Jobs, AI Could Revive The Middle Class


[2017] “Another kick in the teeth”: a top economist on how trade with China helped elect Trump

David Autor believes both these things to be true: one, that Donald Trump’s diagnosis of trade with China as the source of woe for countless American workers was both accurate and a crucial part of his appeal on his march to the White House. And two, that Trump’s plan to help those workers by cracking down on trade is likely to backfire.

How much did Trump-era tariffs on China cost Americans? New US findings confirm ‘self-inflicted harm’

As if things couldn’t get worse: Realists, inside the Biden Regime, are being replaced with Neocons

Recently several administration official who were working on China and Ukraine policies announced to step back or retire. The people in question were not neo-conservative China hawks like Secretary of State Anthony Blinken or National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan. The unexpected loss of top sane hands has me concerned that there is some big move in planning that will damage U.S. relations with China and Russia even more than they already are:

Why Are These Biden Officials Leaving Their Top Posts?

This is how they will CONTROL every Ukrainian + U.S. wants to spread it.

We told you that the app that the U.S. was testing on Ukraine was coming to the U.S. next and it’s here. The app was created by Google and it is a government’s dream. It lets you track you and lets you track your neighbors. What more could a nefarious government agency want??

This is how they will CONTROL every Ukrainian via Redacted


Ukraine’s secret weapon is an app. The U.S. wants to spread it.

How Ukraine Government Is Converting Digital ID System Into Wartime Tool

Kissinger at 100: New War Crimes Revealed in Secret Cambodia Bombing That Set Stage for Forever Wars

A bombshell new investigation from The Intercept reveals that former U.S. national security adviser and Secretary of State Henry Kissinger was responsible for even more civilian deaths during the U.S. war in Cambodia than was previously known. The revelations add to a violent résumé that ranges from Latin America to Southeast Asia, where Kissinger presided over brutal U.S. military interventions to put down communist revolt and to develop U.S. influence around the world. While survivors and family members of these deadly campaigns continue to grieve, Kissinger celebrates his 100th birthday this week. “This adds to the list of killings and crimes that Henry Kissinger should, even at this very late date in his life, be asked to answer for,” says The Intercept’sNick Turse, author of the new investigation, “Kissinger’s Killing Fields.” We also speak with Yale University’s Greg Grandin, author of Kissinger’s Shadow: The Long Reach of America’s Most Controversial Statesman.

Kissinger at 100: New War Crimes Revealed in Secret Cambodia Bombing That Set Stage for Forever Wars

BS Story About How FoRL and RVC Got Their Equipment Comes From US-Funded RFE/RL

Ilya Ponomarev admits that they get their equipment from Ukraine!

Russian Volunteer Corps and Freedom of Russia Legion reveal their losses and where they got their equipment

Source: Radio Svoboda (Liberty); statement from the Russian Volunteer Corps and the Freedom of Russia Legion

Ukrainian intelligence has confirmed that they are cooperating with the Russian Volunteer Corps by exchanging information.


Ukraine-Backed Saboteurs Launch Cross-Border Raid in Russia’s Belgorod Region