Breitbart News Is the Real Mustering of Digital Jacobins

They’re no better than the Left that they criticize for doing the same things!


Taunting Trump: CNN’s Fareed Zakaria wants more blood spilled in Venezuela (and elsewhere)


Since the empire seemingly feels a shortage of native born warmongers and bloodsuckers, they also warmly embrace (and richly reward) foreigners like Fareed Zakaria, an ambitious interloper happy to join the crowded ranks of the nation’s imperial verminocracy. Zakaria, a longstanding disinformation asset at CNN and the WaPo, both equally notorious for their Olympian disregard for truth, has been one of the network’s battering rams against Trump, who, let’s say it here for the umpteenth time, amply deserves to be attacked, but not in the utterly dishonest way the Democrats and their media shills, like Zakaria, do, for motives that only resonate within the narrow folds of the US ruling class. Zakaria, who also, channeling the CIA, earnestly but deviously recommended in 2014 that Snowden simply give himself up, and entrust his fate to the tender mercies of American justice (Why Snowden should stand trial in U.S), has been a fierce competitor for the “Never-Trumper” Obsession Award (chief rival being MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, of course) and one of the WaPo’s leading resident russophobes, another crowded field, a role he also fills at CNN, naturally. Here’s Zakaria delivering his poisoned screed. We tried people at Nuremberg for promoting “wars of choice”, properly calling them a capital crime. This guy—whose Ivy League credentials confirm both his and these institutions’ moral and educational bankruptcy, as they obviously crank out far more sociopathic Machiavellis than honest interpreters of world affairs (he holds diplomas from Yale and Harvard), should keep that in mind as he continues to pollute the public mind with lies and innuendo that only benefit the Deep State, even if that fattens his bank account. The malignant effects of the continued pressure toward war—a cataclysmic one—exercised by these forces on the collective mind, including their own, cannot be overstated. About two years ago, Glen Ford, Black Agenda Report’s founding editor, and easily one of this nation’s most lucid public intellectuals, had this to say on this topic:

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