More Oil From U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve Heads To Europe

More Oil From U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve Heads To Europe

Meanwhile, U.S. crude [oil] is flowing to Europe at rates never seen before.

Two cargoes of high-sulfur crude from the U.S. strategic reserve are headed to Italy and the Netherlands, according to tanker-tracking data and sources briefed by Bloomberg. The tankers have loaded crude at terminals connected to storage caverns of the SPR in Texas and Louisiana.

According to Matt Smith, oil analyst at commodity data firm Kpler, these would not be the last crude exports out of the U.S. SPR to Europe.

In April, some 1.6 million barrels of U.S. crude from the strategic reserve made its way to Europe, Smith told Bloomberg, adding: “That’s the largest amount of SPR crude that’s been shipped to the continent based on historical monthly data.”

It is reported about the transfer to Ukraine of militants of the Turkish far-right extremist organization “Grey Wolves”

Militants of the Turkish extremist organization Grey Wolves, which has close ties with the CIA and NATO, have been deployed to Ukraine. The emergence of far-right Turkish nationalists on Ukrainian territory is reported by Semyon Pegov, the creator of the WarGonzo project, which has been covering the military special operation of Russian troops from the very beginning.

It is reported about the transfer to Ukraine of militants of the Turkish far-right extremist organization “Grey Wolves”


3,000 Grey Wolves in Ukraine

The Grey Wolves are a Turkish far-right militia, historically linked to NATO. Their ideology is neo-fascist, anti-communist, anti-Greek, anti-Alevi, anti-Kurdish, anti-Armenian, homophobic, anti-Semitic and anti-Christian.

Oil From Biden’s Emergency SPR Release Is Heading For Europe

Oil From Biden’s Emergency SPR Release Is Heading For Europe


U.S. Exports Oil From SPR Release: Report

Bloomberg: Oil From U.S. Strategic Reserve Heads for Europe Amid Global Supply Crunch

[11-2021] U.S. Is Already Exporting Oil From Strategic Reserve at Record Pace

If the Biden Administration decides to tap U.S. emergency crude reserves to push down domestic energy prices, it may not help all that much. The supplies may just be exported away like last month.

The White House has been mulling a range of options to ease soaring pump prices and Democrats are pressing for a potential ban on oil exports as well as the release of crude from the nation’s strategic reserves.

It’s not “Putin’s Price Hike,” if prices were going up, last November!

Just How United Is NATO (And the World) Against Russia?

It’s been obvious the entire world and some of NATO is not in sync with US edicts concerning the Russian/Ukraine situation. One can’t help but notice China, India, Pakistan, Brazil many nations in the middle east are NOT on board with the way the US is conducting international relations at this time. Turkey was not appeasing the US either.

Just How United Is NATO (And the World) Against Russia?


The Polish outlet Onet.Pl has gained access to a secret project to deploy peacekeepers from a number of NATO countries to Ukraine developed at Poland’s Ministry of National Defense. Warsaw is expected to officially present it at the NATO summit on March 24. The US does not want to participate but may agree to a mission of several other countries.

However, Poland kept trying to secure support, and apparently had found it. Government spokesman Piotr Muller had stated that Poland has received positive responses from separate NATO countries despite official sceptical responses. He did not disclose which countries these were, but officially, Lithuania and Denmark had previously expressed support for such a mission. Poland is currently in talks with other Western capitals.

A [not-so] secret plan to deploy NATO peacekeepers to Ukraine is brewing in Poland

Western Neo-Nazis [& Boogaloo Bois] Respond to Azov’s Call to Arms

Western Neo-Nazis Respond to Azov’s Call to Arms

WaPo Article ( is loaded with ads): Neo-Nazis are exploiting Russia’s war in Ukraine for their own purposes


Understanding Accelerationist Narratives: The Boogaloo

Ukraine And The New Al Qaeda

Former Boogaloo Bois are going, too. One of them, Henry Hoeft AKA Henry Locke, is now telling people not to go because it’s a trap (His significant other says that he was able to escape). Here, Mike Dunn, a former Boogaloo Boi, is interviewed about going to Ukraine and the accusations of being an FBI informant. Mike updated his TikTok, two days ago (with Henry) saying that he’s still alive (doesn’t seem like he escaped with Henry)