Steel Manufacturing: ArcelorMittal Poland Plans Extended Shut-Down

On September 8, ArcelorMittal Poland announced it would take Blast Furnace No. 3 at the Dąbrowa Górnicza steel manufacturing plant off stream starting in late September. According to the company, the temporary measure is a response to current market conditions throughout Europe.

“Reducing production is the result of several factors,” the company said, elaborating on its decision. “[These include] the slow-down of economic activity in Europe, destocking done by customers, increasing level of imports from outside EU, and increasing gas and electricity prices.”

“Additionally, the cost of carbon, which is not applicable for steel producers importing steel into Europe, has reached record high levels this year, placing European steelmakers at a further competitive disadvantage,” the company added.

Steel Manufacturing: ArcelorMittal Poland Plans Extended Shut-Down

Railway Workers Fight Shows Need for Paid Sick and Family Leave + More Updates

“It staggers the imagination that in September 2022 the workers who keep the trains running did not have even one sick day to care for themselves.”

Railway Workers Fight Shows Need for Paid Sick and Family Leave, Says Economist


“30 Years in the Making”: U.S. Rail Strike Averted by Tentative Deal as Workers Decry Grueling Conditions

Live updates: Railroad workers livid over deal brokered by Biden and unions to prevent strike

U.S. ups the ante: are we indeed headed into WWIII and what can save us?

Gilbert Doctorow, 9/9/22

The UK and Commonwealth may be mourning the passing of Queen Elizabeth II yesterday. I am in mourning as well, but for a very different reason: the gathering of the Ukraine Defense Contact Group in the Ramstein air base in Germany yesterday reshuffled the deck on Western military and financial assistance to Ukraine, raising contributions to the ongoing holy crusade against Russia from still more nations and adding new, still more advanced precision strike weapons to the mix of deliveries to Kiev. It was an open summons to the Kremlin to escalate in turn, as were the test firing the same day of a new intercontinental rocket, the Minuteman III, from Vandenberg air base in California and the unannounced visit to Kiev yesterday of not only Secretary of State Antony Blinken, who was featured in Western media accounts, but also other top officials of the Biden administration. The most notorious member of this delegation was surely Blinken’s deputy, Victoria Nuland, who had stage managed the February 2014 coup that put in power in Kiev the Russia-hating regime that Zelensky now heads.

Gilbert Doctorow: U.S. ups the ante: are we indeed headed into WWIII and what can save us?


A Former US Marine Corps Officer’s Analysis of the Ukraine War (archived, in case the original is removed)

H/T: Natylie’s Place: Understanding Russia

Mirotvorets/Myrotvorets: The illegal and extremist activities of the Ukrainian website “Peacemaker” were discussed in Moscow + More

The illegal and extremist activities of the Ukrainian website “Peacemaker” were discussed in Moscow


Western media continues to ignore Ukraine’s public ‘kill list’ aimed at those who question the Kiev regime

American military officer Bentley: I am ashamed that the US authorities support the site “Peacemaker”

Arms Transfers to Ukraine. Detailed Overview of Deliveries, Timeline

As tensions mounted in late 2021 and into 2022 concerning a Russian invasion of Ukraine, many countries announced arms transfers to Ukraine. As the invasion began in late February, this resource page was launched to track developments related to such transfers, which thus far includes pledges and/or deliveries from more than 25 countries plus the European Union.

Arms Transfers to Ukraine. Detailed Overview of Deliveries, Timeline

Rahul Gandhi – The Most Establishment Populist, protests rising prices, lack of jobs

Rahul Gandhi – The Most Establishment Populist

This ambitious attempt to reconnect with the masses fails to take into account what Gandhi himself acknowledged in London: that the INC was central to building the structures that it now claims have been captured by the BJP and RSS. Gandhi also ignores that the INC [Indian National Congress] itself was central to corrupting these structures.

Banerjee’s criticism gets to the heart of the problem that Gandhi faces with the Bharat Jodo Yatra. Looking to the people of India for support to oppose the BJP makes sense, it will indeed take a large supporter base to remove the BJP and release its grip from the tools of power. The INC and Gandhi, however, cannot expect to build such a support base on an anti-corruption and anti-state capture march. As Gandhi himself acknowledged, the INC was central to putting in place the structures of independent India. What he fails to recognize, or acknowledge, is that the INC also has its own very real and recent history of exploiting these very same structures, whether to suspend the rule of law and hold on to power or simply to extract wealth while in power. In the multiparty contest to dethrone Modi, the INC cannot easily pivot from embodying the Indian state itself to campaigning on a populist charge to oppose the deep state.


India’s main opposition protests rising prices, lack of jobs


NEW DELHI (AP) — Thousands of Indians rallied on Sunday under key opposition Congress party leader Rahul Gandhi, who made a scathing attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government over soaring unemployment and rising food and fuel prices in the country.

Notes for Self:

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Nancy Pelosi Visit to Taiwan Backfired….Asia Pacific Wants China!

Sep 3, 2022 – The world is watching Taiwan and now a month after Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan we are starting to see Asia Pacific countries speak out for peace and hope there is no conflict. In today’s video I document how the US foreign policy is too emotional and lacks strategic direction, both of which will result in a more dangerous and chaotic world.

Nancy Pelosi Visit to Taiwan Backfired….Asia Pacific Wants China! via Cyrus Janssen

Cyrus brings up Paul Pelosi Jr but he doesn’t mention which mining companies that Jr invested in. A quick search shows which mining companies and that he was also involved with a few other companies.


Nancy Pelosi’s Son, A ‘Green Technology’ and Lithium Investor, Was An ‘Unnamed Guest’ On Her Taiwan Trip