Elon Musk, Lindsey Graham Tussle Over Putin’s Ukraine Invasion: Senator Threatens EV Tax Credit Withdrawal, Tesla CEO Says ‘War Is Ultimate Supreme Court’

Tesla Inc. (NASDAQ: TSLA) Elon Musk received a lot of flak for proposing a peace plan for Russia and Ukraine earlier this week.

Elon Musk, Lindsey Graham Tussle Over Putin’s Ukraine Invasion: Senator Threatens EV Tax Credit Withdrawal, Tesla CEO Says ‘War Is Ultimate Supreme Court’

Video via Beshel News Service

Lindsey Graham has “capitulated” to the military industrial complex!

NPR is Not Your Friend

NPR is a problem. Good and proper leftists who read Current Affairs may already realize this. “Of course. NPR (Neoliberal Propaganda Radio) is a bastion of establishment groupthink and orthodoxy that gives cover to imperialism and corporate capitalism.” By contrast, readers on the Right who find themselves consuming Current Affairs may have an equally disdainful but entirely different critique. “Of course. NPR is an elitist liberal propaganda cult that serves as a mouthpiece for the Democratic Party, is openly hostile to any conservative voices, and ought to be defunded!”

NPR is Not Your Friend

Serbian Analyst: How war in Ukraine resembles past conflict in Yugoslavia

Interview by Adriel Kasonta, Asia Times, 9/24/22

Dragana Trifković is the general director of the Center for Geostrategic Studies in Belgrade, Serbia.

On September 8, a session was held in the UN Security Council on the topic of arms delivery to Ukraine by the West.

In the introductory part of the session, Trifković spoke about the weapons that were delivered to the battlefield during the war in Yugoslavia, comparing it to the current situation in Ukraine.

In the following interview, Trifković elaborates on that point for Asia Times.

Serbian Analyst: How war in Ukraine resembles past conflict in Yugoslavia

“Uncle Sam Sees a Shrink” by Ben Grosscup

Oct 4, 2022 – Uncle Sam Sees a Shrink by Ben Grosscup

So what brought me here, shrink
Is I started to think
That perhaps I’ve gone into decline
I almost forget
When the sun never set
On countries whose rules I define

My unrivaled power
Meant nations would cower
And help my vast wealth to accrue
If one wasn’t supine
Or they got out of line
Well, I’d just take them out in a coup

And I have, by far, the most nuclear warheads
Each one is on trigger alert
My hundreds of foreign bases are spread
To maintain the control I exert

So doctor, help me. I can’t understand
Why wielding this power feels pointless and bland
Even with all my arms, my wealth, and grandeur
I still feel so insecure

And be frank with me, please
I’m down on my knees
Your words come with weighty credentials
Why am I in this pain?
Can you help me regain
The status of being essential?

It just makes me irate
When erstwhile client states
Demand that I honor their borders
I feel anxious and sick
Check the Diagnostic
Manual of Mental Disorders

Hey Doctor,
What’s the assessment at which you’ve arrived?
And where’s it explained in this text?
I’m paging up there right now in the DSM Five
[Spoken] For . . . what’s that section called again?]
The military industrial complex?
Hmmm . . .

It says the symptoms are fraudsters and hacks
Win the biggest contracts
Building jet fighters and drones
Economies go down
In the cities and towns
Once lenders start calling in loans

Doc, my global franchise
Runs on free enterprise
Your opinion has caused me frustration
Just help me to see
All the threats facing me
Like the meddling done by foreign nations

Or do you mean to imply that the very armed forces
Key to the power I’ve known,
Empty me of my best resources,
And cause me to feel so alone?

My consultants attested
That you were the best but
I clearly see now you’re a phony
I pay you too well
To be left in this hell
Of the stress that comes with hegemony

This session has only made me feel more ill
And thrown your prestige into doubt
You should have known I’m a shining city on a hill
We’re done now, and I’m walking out


“Uncle Sam Sees a Shrink” by Ben Grosscup