Western propaganda against Turkey, by Thierry Meyssan

With all due respect to the editorial staff of Le Monde, the question is not at all the “escalation around Idlib”, which can stop instantly, but whether the NATO member states will let Turkey be destroyed or not.

It is time to stop whining about the unfortunate families of jihadists and take responsibility before a new country is crushed.
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Another Trump Flip-Flop: US To Send Money And Weapons To Syria Rebels (video)

After a brief discussion of yesterday’s “Super Tuesday” and what it may mean for the markets, today’s Liberty Report will look into yet another round of US interference in the nine year war in Syria. While the Trump Administration has thus far avoided direct engagement with Russian and Syrian troops, yesterday a US official illegally crossed into Syria to announce a hundred million dollars in US aid. Earlier the US announced it would be sending more weapons to the Turks, who are embedded with al-Qaeda in Idlib province. As before, these weapons will end up in the hands of al-Qaeda.
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