As if things couldn’t get worse: Realists, inside the Biden Regime, are being replaced with Neocons

Recently several administration official who were working on China and Ukraine policies announced to step back or retire. The people in question were not neo-conservative China hawks like Secretary of State Anthony Blinken or National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan. The unexpected loss of top sane hands has me concerned that there is some big move in planning that will damage U.S. relations with China and Russia even more than they already are:

Why Are These Biden Officials Leaving Their Top Posts?

The Anglo-American War on Russia – Part Seven (Russia Halts Greater Israel)

Russia did nothing as NATO bombed Serbia in 1999 and destroyed Libya in 2011. It watched NATO ignore promises not to expand eastward and not to build new military bases in Europe. After the CIA coup in Ukraine in 2014, Russia realized that it must push back to survive.

Russia had always maintained friendly relations with Syria and sold it much weaponry. The Neocon’s Greater Israel project is mostly unknown to Americans. Part of this sinister plan was an effort to destroy Syria beginning in 2011. Israel and Turkey sought to expand their borders while the Arab gulf states wanted a secure pipeline to send natural gas to Europe. Neocons control American foreign policy so the United States supported this effort that shipped tons of arms and thousands of jihadist mercenaries to Syria to overthrow its popular government.

Russian intervention to save Syria in 2015 led to a huge power shift in the Middle East. The failed Neocon coup in Turkey, years of threats to Iran, and threats to Russia led to an informal alliance. These nations had differences in the past, but clear threats from the Israeli-America-Saudi axis of evil encouraged them to form an unofficial alliance. As a result, the Neocon plan for Greater Israel was halted, so the Neocons accelerated an ambitious plan to destroy Russia.

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US intervention leaves rifts that take years to heal

by Brian Berletic

With so many countries around the globe still subjected to US influence, either literally occupied by US military forces, or ruled by a government helped into power by significant US assistance (or a combination of the two), and with so many countries the target of possible US-sponsored regime change and interference in contravention of the UN Charter, it is important to take a look at the history of US occupation and the indelible scars it leaves on the countries and their inhabitants even decades after the US finally withdraws.

US intervention leaves rifts that take years to heal

Kissinger at 100: New War Crimes Revealed in Secret Cambodia Bombing That Set Stage for Forever Wars

A bombshell new investigation from The Intercept reveals that former U.S. national security adviser and Secretary of State Henry Kissinger was responsible for even more civilian deaths during the U.S. war in Cambodia than was previously known. The revelations add to a violent résumé that ranges from Latin America to Southeast Asia, where Kissinger presided over brutal U.S. military interventions to put down communist revolt and to develop U.S. influence around the world. While survivors and family members of these deadly campaigns continue to grieve, Kissinger celebrates his 100th birthday this week. “This adds to the list of killings and crimes that Henry Kissinger should, even at this very late date in his life, be asked to answer for,” says The Intercept’sNick Turse, author of the new investigation, “Kissinger’s Killing Fields.” We also speak with Yale University’s Greg Grandin, author of Kissinger’s Shadow: The Long Reach of America’s Most Controversial Statesman.

Kissinger at 100: New War Crimes Revealed in Secret Cambodia Bombing That Set Stage for Forever Wars

BS Story About How FoRL and RVC Got Their Equipment Comes From US-Funded RFE/RL

Ilya Ponomarev admits that they get their equipment from Ukraine!

Russian Volunteer Corps and Freedom of Russia Legion reveal their losses and where they got their equipment

Source: Radio Svoboda (Liberty); statement from the Russian Volunteer Corps and the Freedom of Russia Legion

Ukrainian intelligence has confirmed that they are cooperating with the Russian Volunteer Corps by exchanging information.


Ukraine-Backed Saboteurs Launch Cross-Border Raid in Russia’s Belgorod Region

Jeffrey Sachs: Bipartisan Support of War, from Iraq to Ukraine, Is Helping Fuel U.S. Debt Crisis

The United States faces a default on its debt in early June if a deal on the debt ceiling is not reached between the Biden administration and Republicans in Congress before then. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is pushing for sweeping budget cuts and new work requirements for recipients of government programs, including Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and SNAP. Notably, however, neither Republicans nor Democrats are proposing cuts to one of the biggest drivers of the nation’s debt: the massive U.S. military budget. “We’ve got to get this military-industrial lobby under control, but it’s hard to do, because it’s a bipartisan affair,” says our guest, economist Jeffrey Sachs, whose recent article is headlined “America’s Wars and the US Debt Crisis.

Jeffrey Sachs: Bipartisan Support of War, from Iraq to Ukraine, Is Helping Fuel U.S. Debt Crisis


The War in Ukraine Was Provoked—and Why That Matters to Achieve Peace