NATO to expand Asia-Pacific presence by opening office in Japan + What can China do about it?

Last week, news emerged that NATO intends to open a liaison office in Tokyo, Japan next year. The office would be NATO’s first in the Asia-Pacific region and represents the increasing role of the organisation in preparation for a US-led war against China. Both Tokyo and NATO have confirmed the plans.

NATO to expand Asia-Pacific presence by opening office in Japan


What can China do against NATO’s foray into Asia?

So what can China do to respond to this attempt at ‘alliance encirclement’ against it? First, it can strengthen its ties with Russia and aim to create a deeper balance of power in the Asia-Pacific. Secondly, it can revitalize old alliances and strengthen its ties with North Korea as a military partner. After all, the DPRK is still obligated by the 1961 treaty of mutual assistance to come to China’s aid in a war and can be used to contain Japan and South Korea. Thirdly, it can look to build new military partnerships with regional countries who feel similarly threatened by US expansionism; for example, Laos, Cambodia, and Myanmar. While the rest of ASEAN are likely to stay neutral, including Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam (excluding the US-aligned Philippines), China should work to improve its relationships with these countries in order to prevent the US from trying to ‘force’ them to choose.


“Terrorism from the Sky”: Myanmar Junta Bombs Civilians, Killing 100, Escalating Attack on Resistance

Al Jazeera says at least 40 people were killed, whereas Western media is claiming 100+. Zarni is asking for Biden to release Myanmar’s frozen assets so that Myanmar’s “democratic resistancecan purchase more weapons.

“Terrorism from the Sky”: Burmese Junta Bombs Civilians, Killing 100, Escalating Attack on Resistance

And the second is China’s recent resumption of its backing of the military. China decided that they are going to back the military, because the democratic resistance is at least notionally backed by the United States and the European Union.


Myanmar military confirms air raid that killed dozens in Sagaing:

“During that opening ceremony, we conducted the attack. PDF members were killed,” Zaw Min Tun told the military broadcaster Myawaddy, referring to the civilian militias known as People’s Defence Forces.

Some media reports put the toll at more than 100 but Al Jazeera was unable to verify the figure. If confirmed, the attack on Pa Zi Gyi would be the deadliest in the country since the military toppled Aung San Suu Kyi’s elected government in a coup in February 2021.

“According to our ground information we hit the place of their weapons’ storage and that exploded and people died due to that,” he added.

Myanmar Strikes Concert (at Rebel Army Base): How & Why the West Lies

US-backed Proxy War Against China Rages in Myanmar

U.S., allies may be planning Ukraine proxy war model for Myanmar

Notes on Zarni:

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US And EU Nations Request The Most User Data From Tech Companies, Obtain It More Than Two-Thirds Of The Time

from the may-as-well-just-be-government-contractors dept

Most tech companies handling data requests from governments now publish transparency reports. As everything moves towards always-online status (including, you know, your fridge), social media platforms and other online services have become the favored targets of government data requests. It just makes sense to look there first rather than out there in the real world, where people (and their communications) are that much more difficult to locate.

US And EU Nations Request The Most User Data From Tech Companies, Obtain It More Than Two-Thirds Of The Time

A war vs. US wars

A huge anti-war protest rally is expected to be held in Washington this Friday (Feb. 17, 2023) on the anniversary of the Ukraine War and President’s Day Weekend, it’s dubbed “Rage Against the War Machine!” Speakers at the event are now famous anti-US wars dissenters Jimmie Dore, Medea Benjamin, Scott Hortan, Garland Nixon and David Swanson with war veterans, musicians and more.

A war vs. US wars

Slight correction, the Rage Against the War Machine rally is tomorrow (February 19th, 2023).