Russia, Finland Treaty- Arctic Maneuvering

Oh it does exist. It may be updated but it exists.

In 1948 The Finno- Soviet Treaty was signed

The text is here

Considering Finland’s desire to remain outside the conflicting interests of the Great Powers; and Expressing their firm endeavour to collaborate towards the maintenance of international peace and security in accordance with the aims and principles of the United Nations Organization:

Russia, Finland Treaty- Arctic Maneuvering


Alaska: U.S. revamps army for Arctic war with Russia, China

GT: NATO’s northward expansion risks turning Europe into powder keg

GT: NATO’s northward expansion risks turning Europe into powder keg

NATO’s northward expansion risks turning Europe into a new powder keg

“Finland must apply for NATO membership without delay,” Finland’s President Sauli Niinisto and Prime Minister Sanna Marin jointly announced on Thursday. A similar announcement will come from Sweden on Sunday.

After its eastward expansion, NATO is moving northward, which might turn Europe into a new powder keg.

GT: NATO’s northward expansion risks turning Europe into powder keg

The New New Right Was Forged in Greed and White Backlash

The New New Right Was Forged in Greed and White Backlash

The matter of money should not be understated. Radical left movements, unlike the New Right, are not popular among billionaire funders; that’s what happens when you challenge the actual “regime” of capital. To highlight the path not chosen by the New Right, then, is to show their active desire not for liberation but for domination — which is nothing new on the right at all.


Two Religious Conservatives and a Marxist Walk Into a Journal


NATO´s new world

NATO´s new world

by Jorge Vilches for the Saker Blog

UK Foreign Secretary Liz Truss recently experienced her 15 minutes of glory with a blatant hissy-fit rant policy speech at a London´s Mansion House banquet. She posited that the collective West now needs a global NATO” to pursue geopolitics anew. Publically, Ms Liz Truss tapped her well-known Rule Britannia Anglo-Saxon exceptionalistic mind-set which now would badly require a much larger “lebensraum”. By the way, the Rule Britannia lyrics ´clearly clearly clearly´ let the world know that “…at heaven’s command…Britons never, never, never shall be slaves”. No way, slaves will exist, but Britons should make sure it´s the other way around, see ? So beware… With an AUKUS core, the strategic concept is “all for one, and one for all” just like ´The Three Musketeers´ except that the world´s livelihood is for real, not a novel. Liz Truss is not a cartoon character either, she is today´s United Kingdom Foreign Secretary.

From Jordan to Japan: US invites 14 non-NATO nations to Ukraine defense summit

From Jordan to Japan: US invites 14 non-NATO nations to Ukraine defense summit

Interestingly, the inclusion of Kenya, Liberia, Morocco and Tunisia may be less about Russia and more about combating China’s growing influence on the continent, said Elizabeth Shackelford, a former State Department official who served in several East African countries.

“China has been a strategic partner to both Kenya and Liberia, but the US still holds greater sway in each. Kenya is an influential country on the continent, so getting it on board with the west is important,” said Shackelford, now with the Chicago Council on Global Affairs.

“Inviting these countries to this meeting signals that their position on [Ukraine] matters, to the US and to the broader coalition,” including host Germany, a major economic power, she added. “This is a level of engagement that China’s transactional relationship doesn’t offer. Don’t forget, it’s an election year in Kenya. International engagement on major global issues at the invitation of the US is a good look.”

All of the African countries are part of China’s Belt and Road Initiative.

Recent Terrorist Attacks In Transnistria Hint At The Opening Of Another Anti-Russian Front

Recent Terrorist Attacks In Transnistria Hint At The Opening Of Another Anti-Russian Front

And finally, the last reason why the US-led West is likely behind the latest spree of terrorist attacks in Transnistria is because they might be trying to provoke Russia into beefing up its presence there so that it can then be spun as it “invading another independent country”. That would fuel the unprecedentedly intense anti-Russian infowar and perhaps also create the “publicly plausible” pretext for accelerating Moldova’s potential NATO membership along the lines of the Finnish-Swedish model (including de facto protection prior to its formal admission) and/or its (re-)unification with neighboring Romania that could lead to the same military-strategic outcome.


Are the attacks on Transnistria aimed at Russia?

If Transnistria is attacked, no matter from which side, Russia will have to respond, because, first of all, the Operational Group of Russian Forces in Transnistria and Russian peacekeepers will be involved in the armed clash.

Transnistria explosions: Attackers target radio towers

According to law enforcers, the explosions disabled two powerful antennas that broadcast Russian radio stations to the residents of the republic. The towers were built in the 1960s.

Washington pursues RAND’s plan in Kazakhstan, then in Transnistria

RAND Corporation: Overextending and Unbalancing Russia

Flip Transnistria and expel the Russian troops from the region would be a blow to Russian prestige, but it would also save Moscow money and quite possibly impose additional costs on the United States and its allies.