Solomon Islands leader blames foreign powers for unrest

Solomon Islands leader blames foreign powers for unrest (archived)

External pressures were a “very big … influence. I don’t want to name names. We’ll leave it there,” Sogavare told Australian Broadcasting Corp.

China, meanwhile, expressed concern about recent attacks on some Chinese citizens and institutions, without providing details.

Honiara’s Chinatown has reportedly been hard hit by arsonists and looters.

Local media reported that many of the protesters were from Malaita, whose premier, Daniel Suidani, has been at odds with Sogavare, whom he accuses of being too close to Beijing.

[2019] U.S. establishes foothold in Solomons as Chinese interests expand:

Malaita Premier Daniel Suidani told Reuters the United States would develop a port and supporting infrastructure at Bina Harbour, on the west of the island.

He said the province did not recognize the change in ties to Beijing, and he wanted the United States and its regional allies, including Australia, to push back against any unauthorized development or fishing in its waters.

The province has emerged as an important ally to Washington as the rest of the archipelago starts to work more closely with Beijing.

CIA Director Burns Goes to Moscow

CIA Director Burns Goes to Moscow

The most popular narrative currently making the rounds among some conspiracy theorists is that the Biden Administration has compiled what might be described as a dossier on the expansion of Chinese influence operations worldwide and is keen to make the case that they threaten everyone, including the Europeans and Russians. Presumably Burns would have been in Moscow to share that information in hopes that the burgeoning de facto alliance between Russia and China can be reversed. Whether Burns was successful in such a task remains to be seen, but it of course would not take into account that views in Beijing and Moscow have been shaped and hardened by confrontational activity that the United States has been engaged in both in the Baltic and South China Sea.

Russia aside, witness the recent wave of China bashing, begun by Barack Obama with his pivot to Asia, continued under Donald Trump with his China virus rants, and endorsed by Joe Biden’s team which persists in labeling Beijing as enemy number one. No one steps back and considers even for a moment that the US is China’s largest market and that the US in turn relies on Chinese manufactured products to fill its Walmarts. If ever two nations had good reasons not to go to war, it would be China and the United States, yet the US desire to confront the “Red Menace” to include defending Taiwan continues to drive policy.

America’s Eager European Provocateurs Visit Taiwan

(Brian Berletic – NEO) – In what at first glance looked like the European Union getting onboard with the US-led confrontation with China, a recent delegation led by Raphael Glucksmann sent to Taiwan supposedly representing the EU tells a story less of supposed mainland “interference” within the island territory, and instead, a story about US interference within the EU.

America’s Eager European Provocateurs Visit Taiwan