The Uyghurs and Anti-China Propaganda

On August 26th 2022 as the US-NATO directed counter-offensive against the Donbass Republics and other Ukrainian regions resisting the NATO installed Nazi friendly regime in Kiev began to take place, the NATO states, led by the United States and Britain, escalated their aggression against China.

The Uyghurs and Anti-China Propaganda




The Flaws in the “Assessment” Report of the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights on China

By Alfred de Zayas

On 31 August 2022, the last day of Michelle Bachelet’s 4-year tenure as UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, the Office released a 46-page document, which I believe should be discarded as propagandistic, biased, and methodologically flawed. This document, which was not mandated by the Human Rights Council and responds to pressures on OHCHR by Washington and Brussels, bears the superficially neutral title “Assessment of human rights concerns in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region”

The Flaws in the “Assessment” Report of the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights on China


Xinjiang-Related Report Shows OHCHR ‘Serves US & EU Geopolitics,’ Ex-UN Independent Expert Says

Roger Waters: War, Peace, Art and Activism

Aug 18, 2022 Pink Floyd cofounder Roger Waters joins David Swanson, Executive Director of World Beyond War and historian Todd Pierce in a rousing discussion of current events including the proxy war in Ukraine, the case of Julian Assange, Palestine, the media, and the role of art and music in activism.

The 78 year old music icon, Waters is currently on a tour that he has dubbed the “This Is Not A Drill” tour which he says is intended to be part of a “global movement” driving home themes of war, poverty and injustice. The concerts are tantamount to a series of spectacular political rallies with tabling from Vets For Peace and other social justice groups. Originally scheduled just prior to the US presidential elections in 2020, the tour was postponed due to the pandemic. In a video announcing the tour, Waters said “This tour will be part of a global movement by people who are concerned by others to affect the change that is necessary. That’s why we’re going on the road.” His passion comes through loud and clear in this discussion. Roger Waters co-founded the progressive rock band Pink Floyd in 1965 which he played with until 1985 after which he embarked on a solo career releasing several more albums. Roger is one of the highest grossing performers of all time.

David Swanson is an American anti-war activist, blogger and prolific author. He is the Executive Director of World Beyond War which he cofounded with long time anti war tax organizer, David Hartsough.

Major Todd Pierce (Retired) was with the U.S. Army Judge Advocate General Corp and his job was to defend three of the detainees at Guantanamo Bay. He is a military historian and activist.

Thanks to: Project for the Study of American Militarism, World BEYOND War, Women Against Military Madness, CODE PINK, Veterans For Peace, Andy Worthington, Mondoweiss, Just Peace Advocates/Mouvement Pour Une Paix Juste,,, Canadian BDS Coalition, UNAC, Twin Cities Assange Defense, Canadian Foreign Policy Institute, DC Action for Assange.

To see the entire unedited for a TV webinar go to World BEYOND War

Roger Waters: War, Peace, Art and Activism via Ed Mays

Xinjiang-Related Report Shows OHCHR ‘Serves US & EU Geopolitics,’ Ex-UN Independent Expert Says

Xinjiang-Related Report Shows OHCHR ‘Serves US & EU Geopolitics,’ Ex-UN Independent Expert Says

“The UN Human Rights Council is in the service of US and EU geopolitics and pursues a skewed human rights policy – much lip service to universal principles, but selectivity in application, double-standards in assessment of country situations,” Professor Alfred de Zayas claimed.

“Experience shows in the cases of Belarus, China, Cuba, Nicaragua, Russia, Syria, Venezuela, etc. that the Western Information War has been effective in distorting the picture,” Professor Alfred de Zayas emphasized.

“The current proxy war against Russia is using Ukraine as a pawn with a view to weakening and destabilizing Russia. Among the activities of many US-funded organizations we recognize the systematic use of the Uyghur card against China, unfortunately with a degree of success.”

“Many NGO’s are financed directly or indirectly by the United States and its allies… The US National Endowment for Democracy finances a great number of non-governmental organizations and think tanks whose purpose is to disseminate fake news and skewed narratives about Cuba, Russia, Venezuela, etc. By virtue of the information war, ‘color revolutions’ have been conducted in many countries, including the run-up to the coup d’état against the democratically elected President of Ukraine, Victor Yanukovich, in February 2014,” the expert noted.

“It demeans the word and constitutes an insult against those who have been victims of genocide, including the genocides perpetrated against the Armenians, the Jews and gypsies during the second world war, the Tutsis of Rwanda, the Yemenis,” the former UN independent expert added.

He pointed out that this use of the term “genocide” by the US and others also constitutes a violation of article 20 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, which “prohibits war propaganda and incitement to racial hatred” and is contrary to the letter and spirit of the UN Charter and of the UNESCO constitution.


Updated (with video): UN Accuses China of ‘Crimes Against Humanity’ in Xinjiang

Updated: UN Accuses China of ‘Crimes Against Humanity’ in Xinjiang

UN Accuses China of ‘Crimes Against Humanity’ in Xinjiang

The OHCHR relied on a variety of sources in the report, including interviews with 26 former detainees at facilities in Xinjiang, the majority of whom “reported having been subjected to treatment that would amount to torture.” However, in addition to purported first-hand testimony, the assessment also cites the work of German anthropologist Adrian Zenz, whose research on the Uyghurs has come under fire for major statistical errors, mistranslations of Chinese source material and ideological bias against Beijing, among other shortcomings.

Video via Redacted with Natali and Clayton Morris

The report also sites The Xinjiang Police Files and ASPI (Australian Strategic Policy Institute), both of which are covered here. On a side note, when is the US going to be held accountable* for their crimes against humanity or war crimes?!

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