Door Is Closing on an Iran Nuclear Deal


Critics of the foreign and national security policies of the Joe Biden regime were quick to note that the American soldiers being pulled out of Afghanistan were no doubt a resource that will be committed to a new adventure somewhere else. There was considerable speculation that the new model army, fully vaccinated, glorious in all its gender and racial diversity and purged of extremists in the ranks, might be destined to put down potentially rebellious supremacists in unenlightened parts of the United States. But even given an increasingly totalitarian White House, that civil war type option must have seemed a bridge too far for an administration plagued by plummeting approval ratings, so the old hands in Washington apparently turned to what has always been a winner: pick a suitable foreign enemy and stick it to him.

Door Is Closing on an Iran Nuclear Deal

North Korea’s New Cruise Missile: Built to Threaten or Because of Threats?

September 14, 2021 (Brian Berletic – NEO) – North Korea’s recent demonstration of an indigenously developed cruise missile has provided another opportunity for the United States to perform its own demonstration, one of its inexhaustible hypocrisy upon the global stage. It is also another opportunity to examine the real reason the US continues to maintain nearly 30,000 troops on the Korean Peninsula.

North Korea’s New Cruise Missile: Built to Threaten or Because of Threats?

9/11 @ 20: It Could Have Been So Much Worse!

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20 years ago. Thursday. Nice late summer day. I happened to be at home. My mother in law called and said “put the tv on“. Then, as now, the tv was off. Never been much of a fan. So I turned it on and wow! I could hardly believe what was taking place. Planes hitting buildings? Buildings exploding/collapsing as if they’d been rigged with explosives for demolition? Falling far to neatly and compactly for the massive structures they were. Some talking heads were stating, that day, the destruction was reminiscent of controlled demolitions.

9/11 @ 20: It Could Have Been So Much Worse!

nomadiceveryman: I Scooped Fox News, the Intercept and Glenn Greenwald by Over a Year

It’s ain’t about a virus and it ain’t about China boys and girls. But they will tell you what it is about, if you simply listen.

I Scooped Fox News, the Intercept and Glenn Greenwald by Over a Year


Pierre Omidyar co-funded Ukraine revolution groups with US government, documents show

Peter Daszak’s EcoHealth Alliance: Largest Funders Are Pentagon, USAID (State Department, CIA)