Мостик Кот

I love cats and heard about Mostik [Bridge in English] shortly after I started this blog. Since then, I’ve been following him on social media. I don’t read, or speak, Russian, but use Facebook and IG translate, for what it’s worth. I’ve switched between Google and Yandex Translate, to comment, in Russian, but only a few times. My blog’s header image was of the Crimean Bridge. I think it’s beautiful and from photographs that I’ve seen of Crimea, I’d love to visit one day!

**Meet Mostik, the Cat Supervising the Construction of Russia’s Crimean Bridge

**Pawsome! Mostik, the Cat in Hard Hat, First to Cross Russia’s Crimean Bridge

**Putin inspects Crimean bridge as Bridge the Cat inspects the president

**Mostik’s Instagram: @cat_the_most & Facebook.

**08/01/2020: Bridge attended the 6 year birthday of Sputnik Radio:

Leading radio station in Crimea: we are 6 years old