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By Patrice Greanville

Just a glance at Saagar Enjeti’s resume suffices to get a good idea why this man is embedded in the mainstream media as a commentator, and where he got his glaring biases. Part of his Wikipedia page reads (and I will interpret) as follows:

Saagar Enjeti (born April 21, 1992)[1][2] is an American right-wing political commentator.[3]He co-hosts Rising, an American daily news and opinion web series produced by Washington, D.C. political newspaper The Hill. Enjeti was born to Indian American parents, both of whom are professors: his father is Dr. Prasad Enjeti, and his mother is Dr. Radhika Viruru.

Saagar received a bachelor’s degree in economics from George Washington University and a master’s degree in U.S. national security policy from Georgetown University.[4]

Enjeti, who is based in Washington, D.C., is a media fellow at the Hudson Institute where he co-hosts The Realignment Podcast.[5] He previously served as White House correspondent for The Daily Caller, and reported from the Pentagon as foreign affairs correspondent.[6][7][8] He has contributed to Business Insider and National Review.[9] Enjeti has also appeared as a guest panelist on Fox News, and in 2019, as a moderator at Steamboat Institute‘s Freedom Conference[10] and the Conservative Political Action Conference.[11]

In June 2019, Enjeti replaced Buck Sexton as co-host of The Hill‘s daily news and opinion program Rising.[12] He was a recipient of the 2019 Tony Blankley Fellowship from the Steamboat Institute.[13]

Now, let’s examine for a moment this supposedly oh so impressive fellow’s credentials, including his affiliation with Georgetown. What does it tell us?

First, that he is a quintessential creature made for and eagerly serving the US imperial system as a propagandist against anyone and anything standing in the way of US hegemony. That means a proponent of war and not an enemy of war. His education took place at one of America’s most dependable “Ivy League”-class reactionary imperialist colleges, Georgetown, run by Cold War jesuits whose hatred for the Soviet Union, China and any nation that endorses or endorsed communism at one point is simply enduring and undiluted. (Fordham, another Catholic college of similar ideological bent, is the “poor man’s” Georgetown, the alma mater of people like CIA honcho John Brennan). This is the same university where some of Washington’s most bloodthirsty Cold Warriors and Neocons came from, taught at or been associated with. I’m talking Jeanne Kirkpatrick, tons of fierce anticommunist ideolog refugees from Eastern Europe, Cuba, and so on, not to mention Henry Kissinger, Zbigniew Brzezinski, James Schlesinger, and others of similar influence in the shaping of US foreign policy. The school’s CSIS (Center for Strategic and International Studies) has accommodated worthies like John McCain (an obsessive warmonger and Russophobe), and former Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, Chevron Chairman and CEO John Watson, Royal Dutch Shell CEO Peter Voser, former U.S. National Security Advisor Tom Donilon, and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Martin Dempsey. In sum, along with Harvard and Yale, Columbia and a select handful of other top universities, Georgetown is a prominent den of “national security experts”. It barely needs pointing out that with those creds the man is also organically linked to the Pentagon and leading conservative publications and organizations, imperialist think tanks, and business orgs, all of which easily explains his disgust at seeing Feinstein saying a few kind (and truthful) words about China. It does not help that, as Indian-descent, Enjeti may also have a personal beef with China, a nation with which India’s ruling class has been having border clashes since at least 1962. The kind of poison constantly disseminated by Georgetown and its affiliates can be seen in this recent guest post by an emigre from Ukraine, Bogdan Globa: