Notes on GG & SB

I can no longer log into my Blogger so adding more notes here. Google deactivated my YouTube and Email, back during the HK protests/riots, and I am unable to reset my password.

Is this the way Bannon gets the Biden story to a larger audience?!


Greenwald is also a great admirer of Steve Bannon, and the feelings may well be mutual. This is hardly anything new, left-of-center and far-right journalists and politicos developing mutual admiration societies, and perhaps collaborating journalistically. Yet what is now being suggested, by Bannon and Carlson, by Greenwald of late, and by Rising hosts Krystal Ball and Saajar Enjetti, is that this be raised to the level of a political collaboration. Both hosts repeat a mantra that Leftists have more in common with Trump supporters than with liberals.


Greenwald constantly employs the same contrarian trolling techniques as do the most obnoxious betê noires of this scene, and retweets them from time to time. He has plugged Aimee Terese and Twink Revolution — “Marxism with Twink Characteristics” — on at least one occasion. He frequently appears on Tucker Carlson to uncritically echo the latter’s talking points and, almost inevitably, later claims that the Frozen TV dinner heir and bowtie dipshit neocon hawk is a socialist or is at least making the points socialists should be making. Greenwald never misses an opportunity to defend the right and with characteristic vainglorious self-regard professes to take principled stances on issues he clearly does not actually care about. If he is so interested in privacy, why does he scarcely mention Peter Thiel and Palantir as of late?

Lately, he has been on a tear attacking Democratic-led interventions in countries such as Libya with the absurd goal of making the GOP out to be peaceniks who expelled the neocons, despite the fact, to cite one of hundreds that point to the contrary, that John Bolton was Trump’s National Security Advisor. He has been making a show of being a principled critic of American adventurism abroad, but these positions do not line up with his actual track record when it mattered. As a grown ass man at 36, he gave the Bush administration the benefit of the doubt on Iraqi WMDs.

Finally, if he is a brave truth-teller and anti-interventionist why doesn’t he ever say anything about how his tech oligarch patron Pierre Omidyar interfered in Ukraine’s affairs by funding anti-government NGOs linked to USAID and the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), such as Centre UA and New Citizen, which he made an “investment” in.

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