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*05.04.2020* The Committee on the Present Danger: China, As Dangerous as PNAC, Pandemic Neocons

*03.20.2020* Phylogenetic network analysis of SARS-CoV-2 genomes

*01.20.2020* Event highlights from 31 December 2019 to 20 January 2020

*01.24.2020* A Novel Coronavirus Emerging in China — Key Questions for Impact Assessment

There’s enough information about the Novel Coronavirus, painting China, and the Chinese people in a negative light, that I am going to post what may be seen as biased towards China. I have been researching China for months, now, since I have discovered that the US. Government has been involved in the Hong Kong riots, and I am not going to debate anything that I present here. I am just offering up something that isn’t as xenophobic as others tend to be.

**Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) is biological warfare to decouple the US-China economies as a prelude to US attacking China in a fighting war**


Biological Warfare

“Rapture Ready” Pence Put in Charge of COVID-19 Brand Management


PS – Think it’s a bioweapon, made in China, because they may have ONE bio-laboratory in Wuhan? Look at how many the United States Pentagon has around the world.

The Tianamen Square Myth

Inside the Pentagon’s Global Bioweapons Industry

Much of the misinformation surrounding COVID-19, seems to be coming from Steve Bannon and his “boss,” Guo Wengui. Others spreading misinformation are Zero Hedge, Infowars, The Epoch Times, NTD (New Tang Dynasty), Breitbert News, tabloids, or Q-Anon (a psyop similar to Pizzagate).


Video by Alleged Fugitive Chinese Billionaire with the debunked crematorium rumor
Debunked: This image doesn’t show ‘extent of corpse burning in Wuhan’
Exiled Chinese Billionaire Claims 1.5 Million Infected With Coronavirus, 50,000 Dead
Bat soup, dodgy cures and ‘diseasology’: the spread of coronavirus misinformation
Anti-vaxxers push crazy coronavirus conspiracy on social media
Steve Bannon is pushing debunked claims about the coronavirus that are linked to his billionaire benefactor
No evidence that Chinese officials will say coronavirus was leaked from a lab
A Site Tied To Steve Bannon Is Writing Fake News About The Coronavirus
Online claims that Chinese scientists stole coronavirus from Winnipeg lab have ‘no factual basis’


Debunking the myth of the Wuhan seafood market: multiple origins of COVID-19

Study claiming new coronavirus can be transmitted by people without symptoms was flawed
US raises travel alert for China over coronavirus fears
Some Straight Talk About Wuhan Coronavirus Outbreak (with video)
China’s New Coronavirus: An Examination of the Facts
Coronavirus: The Dark Side
Canada’s Chinese community faces racist abuse in wake of coronavirus
….I’ve seen people say a lot of these things, online, and it’s sad!

Tianamen Myth

Medical Chart & Links:

Clinical Trials
NEJM 2019 nCOV Information
Elsevier Novel Coronavirus Information Center
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Official WHO page
JHU Tracking the Noval Coronavirus
What Is The Coronavirus’s R0 And Why Does It Matter?

You’re more likely to die from seasonal flu or the common cold than the Noval Coronavirus!

Re: John Hopkins’ Tracking Site

U.S. CDC Situation Summary Archived 04.03.20