Succeeded: Regime Change in Pakistan

‘Welcome back to old Pakistan’: Imran Khan’s ousting marks return of political dynasties

Deposed Pakistan leader denounces foreign conspiracy to effect regime change (Pakistan erupts in protest as Khan’s party threatens to resign en masse)

Imran Khan loses no-trust vote, prime ministerial term set for unceremonious end

Pakistan’s PM Khan names US diplomat behind ‘conspiracy’ to topple his government

Pakistani PM calls early election

More About the Letter: Imran Khan takes on America

3 April Will Go Down In History As The Day That Pakistani Democracy Was Saved

Pakistan Parliament dismisses no-confidence motion against Khan

Debunking The Top Five Weaponized Narratives Of The US’ Infowar Against Pakistan

Who’s To Blame For Terrible US-Pakistani Ties: Imran Khan Or Joe Biden?

Pakistan summons US envoy over Washington’s meddling in internal affairs + Imran Khan will not resign before no-confidence vote at parliament

Pakistani Journos Should Stop Gaslighting: The US Hates The PM’s Independent Policies

Pakistan PM Imran Khan’s life in danger as there was a plot to assassinate him, claims PTI leader

Regime change attempts in Ukraine and Pakistan

Analysis: Is CIA behind ‘regime change’ in Pakistan?

CIA secret regime change plan to topple PM Imran Khan government in Pakistan?

NPR: Pakistan’s Imran Khan faces a political showdown — without the army for support

NED Funding to Pakistani NGOs

NED Grantee Connects Marginalized Women Across Rural Pakistan

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