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05.24.2023: More Research on Ilya Ponomarev & Freedom of Russia Legion

BS Story About How FoRL and RVC Got Their Equipment Comes From US-Funded RFE/RL

Ukraine-Backed Saboteurs Launch Cross-Border Raid in Russia’s Belgorod Region

‘One of Europe’s top right-wing extremists’: Who is the neo-Nazi behind this week’s Ukrainian attack in Russia’s Bryansk Region?

Garry Kasparov, current chairman of the Human Rights Foundation, (which organizes the Oslo Freedom Forum and trains “democracy activists”), sits on the Permanent Committee of the Free Russia Forum with Ilya Ponomarev. Mikhail Khodorkovsky has spoken at both the Free Russia Foundation and Oslo Freedom Forum.

[11-2020] Overthrow Putin & Give Back Crimea: What Was Proposed at the “Free Russia Forum”

After the price of oil began to rise again, he established a foundation, Open Russia, in 2001. It was based at Somerset House in London with Henry Kissinger as its trustee.

The Foundation’s mission statement declared: “The motivation for the establishment of the Open Russia Foundation is the wish to foster enhanced openness, understanding and integration between the people of Russia and the rest of the world.” The following year it had its United States launch in Washington, D.C.


Garry Kasparov and Mikhail Khodorkovsky supposedly denounce Ilya Ponomarev and NRA:

In connection with the death of Darya Dugina and the statement on behalf of the «National Republican Army» about the permissibility and desirability of terrorist acts against persons who are not participants in the armed aggression against Ukraine, the Russian Action Committee declares its categorical disagreement with such a position and the refuses to invite politician Ilya Ponomarev, who publicly joined the call to carry out terrorist attacks on Russian territory, to the Congress of Free Russia.

The attack of the Putin regime on Ukraine has led to the need for armed confrontation with the aggressor. The armed forces, paramilitaries, military, industrial, and transport infrastructure of the aggressor’s country are legitimate targets. At the same time, we cannot support the call for terror against civilians who do not take part in the armed confrontation, and a demonstrative rejection of normal human empathy for the families of the victims. We categorically condemn war crimes and the killing of civilians by the Russian military. However, while fully supporting the fight against Putin and his fascist regime, we consider it extremely important to preserve humanity. It’s not enough to kill a dragon. You don’t have to become one yet.

Statement of the Russian Action Committee 22.08.2022

Vision For Russia

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The Russian unit of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the National Republican Army decide to join forces

Kiev Is Not The Only One To Be Blamed For Assassination Of Daria Dugina (More Research on Ilya Ponomarev)

Ilya Ponomarev: Who is the person who wants to form a guerrilla force to overthrow Putin?

‘Our task is to finish off Putin’ Ex-lawmaker Ilya Ponomarev on Daria Dugina’s death, the National Republican Army, and bringing down the Russian regime

Researching the National Republican Army: NRA Manifesto

Nobody had previously ever heard of the National Republican Army: Prof. Sergey Radchenko

Meduza managing editor Kevin Rothrock questioned Ponomarev’s integirty, the existence of the NRA, and implied that both Dugin and Dugina were “civilians” who should not have been targeted.

Darya Dugina was killed by partisans from National Republican Army former Russian parliamentarian

The army, according to its own statements, uses “the white-blue-white flag of the new Russia instead of the tricolor disgraced by the Putin authorities.”

National Republican Army (Russia)

Initially, the expression “beautiful Russia of the future” was used by a Russian politician Alexei Navalny, when he spoke about the changes that he intends to carry out if he comes to power. Alexey also tried to register a party called “Russia of the future

New Russia (Beautiful Russia of the Future)

Seems like the National Republican Army is either made up or recently started. Yesterday (08-21-2022), I searched for it, on Wikipedia, and the National Republican Party of the Italian Social Republic only came up. Today, Wikipedia has a Russian one, with the headline that it’s slated to be deleted. The Italian one now links to the Russian one, as well. If it was just started, it seems like it may be associated with Alexei Navalny, who’s been accused of being a CIA/MI6 asset.

Ilya Ponomarev:

Free Russia Foundation

Russian Opposition Politician Ponomarev: Khodorkovsky Could Lead Russia To Democracy

Dissolving Putin’s Russia (archived)

“I am [an]elected official member of the parliament, so I am not neglecting usual normal political ways of getting into power,” he remarked. “But I can also testify that the role of the current parliament in modern Russia is so diminished so it is virtually impossible to accomplish anything, even if you control the entire parliament…even if by some miracle we [the opposition]achieve this [revolution], we would still be able to do nothing without controlling the executive.”

He holds the same realistic attitude toward achieving change through local and municipal elections. Ponomarev described a recent local election in which the elected opposition figure had his entire budget stripped by Putin:

He said the organizational structure is being created and refined by his former boss and friend at Yukos, Mikhail Khodorkovsky. While he lives in the US, Ponomarev is developing a plan to “organize former USSR dissidents and entrepreneurs to create a political platform and future of Russia after Putin.”

The success of that platform rests on the future (and continued failure) of the Russian economy. If profits from oil sales continue to decline, then the possibility of deposing the current leadership increases. Ponomarev said that regardless of the revolution’s (and the economy’s) success or failure, the organization of Russian civil society is cause for extreme concern.

“The emigration from Russia this year went up five times than it was last year,” he said. “I am very much afraid that it is a conscious decision by Putin – he is not Stalin and turning people to labor camps in Siberia – he [Putin] is incentivizing them to leave the country and is building a welfare state that relies on oil generated income and nothing else,” Ponomarev said.

“Philosopher’s stone for Ukraine”: Ilya Ponomarev on first investment deal in Eastern Europe through revolutionary SPAC [12-2021]

It all started with Gazprom and with the war, unleashed by Russia against Ukraine. Therefore, as a politician, I wanted to pull out the poisonous teeth from the aggressor. This was my starting motivation. Plus, I’m a professional oilman and have worked for Schlumberger, the largest oilfield services company in the world. Then I was one of the top managers of YUKOS. This is the industry that has always interested me. I have always liked that it combines business and politics, even geopolitics. This industry is very attractive in this sense, in which both my passions meet equally.

— On November 1, I took up the duties of a member of the board of directors of the Ukrainian company BGV Group Management, in charge of the investment direction. Previously, I did this voluntarily, just helping and advising. It will now become a permanent job. First, the main priority is everything related to minerals. BGV has the largest portfolio of mountain natural resources in Ukraine. And this is in the most correct, in the most trendy, promising direction of the “new energy.” These are graphite, rare earth metals, uranium, beryllium, zirconium, titanium, and precious metals. Everything you need for a modern economy. The group’s business is based on the vision of Hennadii Butkevych, whom I fully support and want to help attract external funding.

Investments of Butkevych’s funds have already exceeded $150 million. But this is still not enough to put all its assets into operation because, for each object, you require investments of several hundred million. Therefore, on our own, we can bring this business to an investment state; when the project gets on track, then we want to work with respected international partners who would have a name and reputation in the market. First, with American and European companies and funds, with which we could develop these deposits together. This is our top priority.

First, if you paid attention, then I rarely speak about business. I believe that money loves silence. On the other hand, I talk with great pleasure on political topics. I believe that the level of fame in a country like Ukraine is a plus and a factor of protection from various attacks. But mixing business and politics is unacceptable. If you’re involved in politics, you must give up doing business. This combination always leads to a conflict of interest and, as a result, to a variety of dirt that we would like to avoid.

Company of ATB co-owner invests $5 mln in Ukrainian robotics startup Deus Robots

BGV Trident Capital, founded by Illia Ponomarev and Hennadiy Butkevych (the co-owner of ATB), has invested $5 million in the robot manufacturing startup Deus Robots, created by Pavlo Pikulin in 2018.

State Duma Deputy Visits Khodorkovsky In Segezha: