Scott Gottlieb, M.D. and the Coronavirus Hype

After resigning from the FDA, in March of 2019, Dr. Gottlieb returned to the Conservative think tank, American Enterprise Institute. In May, of the same year, he returned to New Enterprise Associates as a partner in the firm’s healthcare practice, where currently serves on the board of two NEA portfolio companies; Aetion and Tempus Labs. He also serves on Pfizer’s Board of Director’s and is a frequent contributor to CNBC. On February 4th, 2020, he joined Illumina’s Board of Directors.

At the 37th Annual Miami Breast Cancer Conference®, on March 7th, Dr. Gottlieb suggested that “the mortality rate [of the coronavirus] will be about 1%, which is significantly more than the seasonal flu, which is about 0.1%.” The next day, he appeared on CNBC to warn of a coronavirus epidemic and said that states, and localities, are going to have to shut down for ‘national interests.’

At the end of January, Scott Gottlieb purchased 1000 shares of Pfizer Inc, at $37 per share. Pfizer is one of five major players, in the global market, for vaccines. On March 3rd, they “identified certain antiviral compounds it had in development that have the potential to inhibit coronaviruses.” They hope to start testing by the end of the year, if any are “successful.” In August, of 2019, they had made a deal, with German drugmaker BioNTech SE, to develop a mRNA flu vaccine and are currently thinking of expanding it, to include the novel coronavirus fight.

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