How to Debunk Atlantic Council’s Anti-China “Uyghur Genocide” Lies

Article: How to Debunk Atlantic Council’s Anti-China “Uyghur Genocide” Lies

YouTube: How to Debunk Atlantic Council’s Anti-China “Uyghur Genocide” Lies

The Atlantic Council has released a report claimed across the Western media to provide additional evidence of “genocide” in China’s western region of Xinjiang. However, in less than 5 minutes of research it is possible to expose the report as propaganda built on existing, baseless claims coupled to known information about World Bank and other institutions funding activities inside China.

I show how the Atlantic Council uses facts like World Bank funding to help sneak past readers otherwise baseless claims regarding “genocide,” “forced labor,” and other alleged abuses.

I discuss who is behind the Atlantic Council, why they are deliberately lying about China, and how by the Atlantic Council’s own admission, their goal is to subordinate China to US global interests.

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US Economic Warfare vs China: Adrian Zenz & Xinjiang Cotton Lies

November 3, 2021 (The New Atlas – Brian Berletic) – Adrian Zenz is regularly cited as the source regarding alleged abuses in Xinjiang, China. More recently, his reports have become the cornerstone of not only accusations against China regarding supposed “forced labor,” but also the justification for sanctions imposed by the US.

US Economic Warfare vs China: Adrian Zenz & Xinjiang Cotton Lies

Now it’s tomatoes, instead of cotton!? 🙄

“Stain of the Century?” An Investigation of Uyghur Genocide Allegations Ep. 173

Transcript: “Stain of the Century?” An Investigation of Uyghur Genocide Allegations Ep. 173

In the midst of the United States’ renewed great power competition with Russia and China, the western foreign policy establishment has launched a sustained propaganda campaign to steel the American public into supporting international confrontation with China. A large facet of this broader campaign is the allegation that China is actively committing genocide against the Uyghur Muslims, a Turkic ethnic minority living in the nations westernmost province of Xinjiang. Despite the dubious credibility of the evidence supporting this claim and its US State Department origins, the establishment and “alternative” media have pushed these allegations as fact. This investigation documents the sources of this evidence, exposes its credibility issues, and examines those who are pushing it as truth, focusing on alternative media darling Tim Pool.

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The Uyghur Tribunal: Inciting Hatred Against China

The Uyghur Tribunal: Inciting Hatred Against China (Archived)

At the Nuremberg Trials the Nazi propagandist, Julius Streicher, was hanged for putting out propaganda about Jews and inciting hatred leading to genocide. At the Rwanda Tribunal the members of a radio station were convicted of genocide for allegedly making false reports on events that the prosecutors claimed instigated hatred that led to genocide. Hate speech is proscribed by the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and other treaties. Is this not what Nice and his players are doing, trying to instigate hatred and hostility to justify war, to justify harming and killing Chinese? Is this not where it all leads? Is this not a crime against humanity? Are not they the real criminals?

Palestinians v. Uyghurs — Naked Western Hypocrisy

For the last few days, Israel has been bombing the heck out of Gaza, just like Israel has done so a few times in the recent past. Missiles and fighter jets have been blowing up schools, apartment complexes, hospitals, and media centers. Gaza, of course, has no air force, missile defense systems, or military. Gaza is an open air prison, where every aspect of people’s lives are under control by Israel.

Palestinians v. Uyghurs — Naked Western Hypocrisy

Tanks and Think Tanks: How Taiwanese Cash is Funding the Push to War with China

Twenty years ago, a group of neoconservative think tanks used their power to push for disastrous wars in the Middle East. Now, a new set of think tanks staffed with many of the same experts and funded by Taiwanese money is working hard to convince Americans that there is a new existential threat: China.

Tanks and Think Tanks: How Taiwanese Cash is Funding the Push to War with China

Independent Media Parrots Questionable Uyghur Genocide Claims

Independent Media Parrots Questionable Uyghur Genocide Claims (Archived)

Accordingly, a survey of prominent independent outlets reveals the same US State Department narrative on China. For example, The Joe Rogan Experience, the largest podcast in the world, with approximately 200 million listeners per month, has validated the Uyghur genocide claim with Ben Shapiro. Rogan has gone even further–giving the CIA itself a platform to spook its China propaganda. Among the guilty are Steven Crowder, Dave Rubin, Reason Magazine, VICE, The Young Turks, and Democracy Now!.

Of all the above independent outlets, the most egregious purveyor of Chinese fear mongering is Tim Pool, an independent journalist who emerged into prominence during Occupy Wall Street.


US trained Uighur terrorists