Cambridge Analytica Reborn? Private Spy Agency Weaponizes Facebook Again

by Kit Klarenberg

For all the public outcry, official probes and hearings, financial penalties, apologies and proposed regulations, Facebook remains the world’s foremost surveillance tool – weaponized in all manner of malevolent ways by any number of hostile elements.

Cambridge Analytica Reborn? Private Spy Agency Weaponizes Facebook Again

Ukraine’s Gory Online Campaign Violates Geneva Convention

Ukraine claims this is being done to sow dissent in Russia. That’s CRAP. This is psychological warfare. It’s intended to traumatize and terrorize. People on the receiving end of this will understand the inhumanity/monstrosity on the part of the persons sending these images to them.

Ukraine’s Gory Online Campaign Violates Geneva Convention

WaPo Articles Archived:

The gory online campaign Ukraine hopes will sow anti-Putin dissent probably violates the Geneva Conventions

Ukraine is scanning faces of dead Russians, then contacting the mothers

What Kind of Threat Is China?

Book review of “America and the China Threat: From the End of History to the End of Empire” by Prof. Paolo Urio

The “brutalist philosophy” of the US was made public (曝光) by Robert Daly, a former US diplomat stationed in Beijing, in 2015. Currently, he is the director of the Kissinger Institute on China and the United States. No diplomatic niceties here, Daly frankly states the policy of the US: China must never reach the level of the US.

What Kind of Threat Is China?