Peter Thiel to Exit Meta’s Board to Support Trump-Aligned Candidates

Peter Thiel to Exit Meta’s Board to Support Trump-Aligned Candidates


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A Latino Alt-Right? This Is How Vox Advances In Latin America

A Latino Alt-Right? This Is How Vox Advances In Latin America

In Mexico, he has already had the support of several congressmen. The Spanish party received the support of 15 senators and three congressmen from the traditional National Action Party (PAN) and the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI).

But Mexico is not the only Latin American country where the right has already established ties with the Abascal movement. In Colombia, several politicians of the right-wing within Uribismo, see in Vox a model of a party more suitable to their ideology. Characters such as María Fernanda Cabal, a presidential candidate, are close to Trumpism and the Spanish right. She shares the idea of creating a common front against international progressivism and sees in Vox an ideal ally.

Likewise, they have also tried to open relations in Peru with the Popular Force party of the controversial Keiko Fujimori. The Vox delegation was attended by its vice president and deputy, Víctor González, MEP Hermann Tertsch and the director of the Disenso Foundation, Jorge Martín Frías.


[2018] Will Bannonism Play in Spain?

Traditionalism, Steve Bannon, and World Politics


Bannon rips Italian court over decision to block populist training center

Italy’s top administrative court ruled against former White House adviser Stephen Bannon’s conservative think tank in a decision that Bannon called a politically motivated “joke,” The Associated Press reported on Tuesday.

Bannon rips Italian court over decision to block populist training center


Steve Bannon loses battle to set up rightwing political academy in Italy

The institute’s founder, Benjamin Harnwell, confirmed Monday’s decision against the DHI in a telephone call with Reuters but said he had no immediate further comment. He said lawyers were still studying the ruling.

Zingaretti hails court move to eject Bannon group from abbey

Errol Morris on the Specter of Steve Bannon in the Capitol Assault: ‘The Evil Genius Behind It All’

Errol Morris on the Specter of Steve Bannon in the Capitol Assault: ‘The Evil Genius Behind It All’

“He had this desire to exploit the hatred of the ‘other,’” Morris said. “They kept searching around for a figurehead, and then lo and behold, Trump appears. They found a guy — a really, really stupid guy — who could be bent to their way of thinking, or already thought that way and was eager to please. “


Traditionalism, Steve Bannon and world politics

Do You Think Video Games Cause Mass Shootings?

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Do You Think Video Games Cause Mass Shootings? (How Steve Bannon Poisoned Gaming)


Right-Wing Hate Groups Are Recruiting Video Gamers

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Chinese Discrimination in WOW

Anti-Chinese discrimination in WoW

Chinese WOW players speak out

Milo Yiannopoulos

Milo Yiannopoulos named marshal for ‘Straight Pride’ parade

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