“They’re going to call you socialists anyways”: Progressives slam 109 Dems for backing GOP stunt

“They’re going to call you socialists anyways”: Progressives slam 109 Dems for backing GOP stunt

Here’s what this is really about: More and more members on the other side of the aisle are calling for cuts to Social Security and Medicare, and many have referred to these programs as “socialism” throughout their existence. The other night in the Rules Committee they showed their cards. Republicans refused an amendment to declare that Social Security and Medicare is not socialism. This resolution is little about intelligent discourse and everything to do about laying the groundwork to cut Social Security and Medicare.

‘Socialism’ for me, but not for thee?!


Why Is Victoria Nuland Coming to Sri Lanka, Second Time in a Year?

She maybe the highest ranking American official but most Americans do not even know her name. However, she is visiting Sri Lanka twice in one year & that should mean something. Why is she visiting Sri Lanka is however more important. She first visited Sri Lanka days before riots started resulted in the resignation of the former President. Naturally, all eyes are fixed on what is likely to emerge after her forthcoming visit. Over the years, there is no doubt the US has created local “agents” covering all spectrums of society.

Why Is Victoria Nuland Coming to Sri Lanka, Second Time in a Year?



Sri Lanka: US Backed Colour Revolution in Colombo

Debt Traps & Terrorism: The Roots of Sri Lanka’s Crisis

The CIA in Angola

The American military industrial complex was stunned and embarrassed by the rapid fall of its puppet government in Saigon in 1975. The CIA faced budget cuts and sought a new conflict to justify its size and spending. Portugal had just freed its colonies so there were power struggles in nations such as Angola. The American public was not told that the CIA had begun shipping arms to Angola and hiring mercenaries to fight there. Once news reports about CIA involvement appeared, the effort was spun as a fight against evil communists.

The CIA in Angola via Tales of the American Empire

Why Not Defund the Military?

Amidst all the talk about defunding the police, notice something important: No one talks about defunding the military. That’s because the military establishment is too powerful and has come to be accepted as a permanent feature in American life. Except for libertarians, everyone treats the military as their god.

Why Not Defund the Military?

Not sure if he’s correct about military capabilities but I can get behind defunding the military!

U.S. Press Starts To Figure Out College TikTok Bans Are A Dumb Performance

U.S. Press Starts To Figure Out College TikTok Bans Are A Dumb Performance

One, the bans are generally designed to agitate a xenophobic base and give the impression the GOP is “doing something about China.” But the party that couldn’t care less about rampant corruption or privacy violations isn’t doing much of anything meaningful to thwart China. In fact, letting adtech, telecom, and app companies run rampant with little oversight runs contrary to any such goal.

Two, the bans distract the public and press from our ongoing failure on consumer privacy and security issues. Banning TikTok, but doing nothing about the accountability optional free for all that is the adtech and data-hoovering space, doesn’t actually fix anything. China can just obtain the same data from a universe of other international companies facing little real oversight on data collection.

Three, the ban is really just about money. Trump gave the game away with his proposal that TikTok be chopped up and sold to Oracle and Walmart. That cronyistic deal fell through, but it’s pretty clear that this moral panic is designed to either help TikTok’s competitors (Facebook lobbyists are very active on this front), or force the sale of the most popular app in modern history to GOP-allies. At which point they’ll engage in all the surveillance and influence efforts they pretend to be mad about.


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“Classified Documents”: First Trump, Now Biden. The Purge Is On?


“Classified Documents”: First Trump, Now Biden. The Purge Is On?

The rising ruling class wants a neocon-neoliberal-totalitarian humanist regime for which shady faux progressive characters like Kamala Harris and Pete Buttigieg will be the front figures, with neocon puppets like Ron DeSantis functioning as faux-controlled opposition culture war cheerleaders from the Right. The purge is on.

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