Opinion: Too hungry to weep. The tragedy of Yemen’s starving children

Opinion: Too hungry to weep. The tragedy of Yemen’s starving children

In 2022, the US committed $1 billion to humanitarian relief in Yemen. Maintaining that level given the worsening situation should be a mere formality.

Yet having spent the past week in Washington with members of Congress and the Senate regarding this crisis, it is apparent that political and fiscal calculations flourish when media coverage is fleeting, and outrage muted. As one Senator sterilely offered during our meeting, “That’s a lot of money.” A lot, indeed. Accordingly, to try to describe the near $110 billion the US has pledged to Ukraine in the last year sends one scrambling for a thesaurus.

Nevertheless, the wheels are steadily in motion for that outcome, as global aid for Yemen is in staggering decline. Announced on Monday by Secretary Blinken, with unfortunate lack of context, the US government is slashing this year’s contribution to the UN appeal for Yemen by roughly 25% – additionally I’ve been told by multiple sources at USAID that their cuts for aid to Yemen in 2023 could go as high as near 40%, with further cuts planned for 2024.

H/T: Revolutionary Blackout

The article was written March 2nd, 2023. The video was uploaded March 14th on the War Child USA channel. So far, nothing on their YouTube or website.


Anthony Blinken arrives in Ethiopia for a working visit

Anthony Blinken arrives in Ethiopia for a working visit

Apart from meeting with senior Ethiopian government officials, Blinken is scheduled to meet with humanitarian [front] organizations that partner with the United States and civil society leaders. Food security, humanitarian assistance and human rights are among the agenda items he will be discussing with the aforementioned groups.

Color revolution coming to Ethiopia?!

Neo-Nazi Ukraine: British Fascist ‘Aiden Aislin’ Back in Ukraine! (11.3.2023)

Neo-Nazi Ukraine: British Fascist ‘Aiden Aislin’ Back in Ukraine! (11.3.2023)

British terrorist Aiden, who repented for his participation in the war against Donbass and promised never to raise weapons against the Russians again, returned to fight in Donbass after returning from captivity. I remember Abramovich fed him cakes and steaks, gave him an iPhone. The guy believed in himself and decided that he could repent a second time in case of something

Aiden claims that he was banned from the EU Schengen Area but wanted to return as a propagandist.


Per Virtutem Pax

Per Virtutem Pax Video

Released Azov Prisoners Return to Frontlines to Kill More Russian Soldiers (archived)

Non-combatant” Yuliia Paievska

Antony Blinken’s Nord Stream Pipeline Prophecy From 35 Years Ago

Disclaimer: The views expressed herein are solely those of the author and may or may not reflect those of Ms. Cat’s Chronicles (i.e. I’m too tired to debunk the accusations against China and Trudeau).

40 years before the #NordStream pipeline explosions, the United States CIA blew up #Russia’s Trans-Siberian pipeline, which carried natural gas from the #Soviet Union to Western Europe. The tremendous blast was the largest non-nuclear explosion ever seen on Earth from space.

Antony Blinken’s Nord Stream Pipeline Prophecy From 35 Years Ago


Flashback: CIA plot led to huge blast in Siberian gas pipeline

BREAKING NEWS! Biden announces STUNNING news on China, Taiwan flips out

Political Talk Show Host Garland Nixon issued one of his satirical breaking news tweets that said Biden has ultimate destruction planned for Taiwan. The tweet set off a firestorm of action in Taiwan as officials thought it was real. Garland joins host Clayton Morris for a discussion over how this tweet made such an impact.

BREAKING NEWS! Biden announces STUNNING news on China, Taiwan flips out | Redacted w Clayton Morris

Garland was even ‘fact-checked’ by USAGM’s propaganda mouthpiece, POLYGRAPH.info. Didn’t know that they even had a ’fact-checking’ site until I saw it mentioned in Snopes.


China Says US Must Provide A Clear Explanation Of ‘plan For The Destruction Of Taiwan’

Chip Geopolitics: If China Invades, Make Taiwan ‘Unwantable’ by Destroying TSMC, Military Paper Suggests

Elections & Lithium Mining: Why is the US Suddenly Running ‘Get Out the Vote Ads’ in Nigeria?

Elections & Lithium Mining: Why is the US Suddenly Running ‘Get Out the Vote Ads’ in Nigeria?

Last year, US-based electric vehicle company Tesla put in a bid for a contract to mine some of that Lithium, but the Nigerian government denied them. Nigeria, like most African countries, has a history of foreign powers exploiting them for their national resources while offering little value to the people of Nigeria.

Video via Activist News Network


What Would It Mean for Nigeria to Elect an Igbo President?

To Be Updated: USAID is sponsoring YouTube channels

How Democracy Can Win: The Right Way to Counter Autocracy

The most important step the United States can take to counter foreign influence campaigns and disinformation is to help our partners promote media and digital literacy, communicate credibly with their publics, and engage in “pre-bunking”—that is, seeking to inoculate their societies against disinformation before it can spread. In Indonesia, for example, USAID has worked with local partners to develop sophisticated online courses and games that help new social media users identify disinformation and reduce the likelihood that they will share misleading posts and articles.

The United States has also helped Ukraine in its fight against the Kremlin’s propaganda and disinformation. For decades, USAID has worked to enhance the media environment in the country, encouraging reforms that allow greater access to public information and supporting the emergence of strong local media organizations, including the public broadcaster Suspilne. After Russia’s initial invasion of Ukraine in 2014, our work expanded to help the country’s local journalists produce Russian-language programming that could reach into Kremlin-occupied territories, such as Dialogues With Donbas, a YouTube channel that featured honest conversations with Ukrainians about life behind Russian lines. We also helped support the production of the online comedy show Newspalm, which regularly racks up tens of thousands of views as it skewers Putin’s lies. And even before Moscow’s full-scale invasion began in February 2022, we worked with the government of Ukraine to stand up the Center for Strategic Communications, which uses memes [memetic warfare], well-produced digital videos, and social media and Telegram posts to poke holes in Kremlin propaganda.

I still need to look into Newspalm. I’ll update if I find anything. As I don’t know Ukrainian, or Russian, I’m using Google translate for the following information. Note, this is all speculation!


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