NATO as religion

By: Alfred de Zayas January 24, 2022

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The US/NATO/Ukraine/Russia controversy is not entirely new. We already saw the potential of serious trouble in 2014 when the US and European states interfered in the internal affairs of Ukraine and covertly/overtly colluded in the coup d’état against the democratically elected President of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych, because he was not playing the game assigned to him by the West. Of course, our media hailed the putsch as a “colour revolution” with all the trappings of democracy.

NATO as religion

Kazakhstan Chaos: An Opportunity, But for Who?

Kazakhstan Chaos: An Opportunity, But for Who?

It should be noted that Eurasianet is also funded by the US government through the NED as well as adjacent organizations like Open Society – illustrating just how deeply Washington directly controls global perceptions about events unfolding in Central Asia.


National Endowment for Democracy Provided $1.2 Million to Kazakhstan to Help Spark Color Revolution Against Pro-Russian and Pro-China Regime

Twitter confirms its ‘Project Guardian’ keeps an eye on today’s main character

Twitter confirms its ‘Project Guardian’ keeps an eye on today’s main character

According to Bloomberg, some users enrolled in Project Guardian in the past include makeup artist James Charles, Egyptian activist Wael Ghonim [Regime Change Asset*], as well as former US Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Scott Gottlieb [Pfizer Director]. Twitter has also used the program to protect journalists who cover controversial topics, like the January riots or 8chan.

More information:

*Egypt’s Wael Ghonim of Google

*US Government Role in Arab Spring

*Hillary Sponsored Arab Spring To Destabilise Middle East

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Facebook and Washington vs Internet Sovereignty

Facebook and Washington vs Internet Sovereignty

It was as early as 2011 when Facebook along with the US State Department began weaponizing this control over a social media platform deeply entrenched in the information spaces of nations around the world and particularly in the Arab World.

The New York Times in a 2011 article titled, “US Groups Helped Nurture Arab Uprisings,” would admit that the US government had funded many of the opposition groups years in advance to the Arab Spring, training and equipping them to overthrow their respective governments.

The article also mentions US tech companies and their role in US-sponsored subversion abroad…

These [security] clearances would not be possessed by a genuine whistleblower organization exposing real abuses inside the US government, but instead an organization posing as such to mitigate the damage real whistleblowers might cause if their information was brought to the press and released to the public before being sanitized, censored, and spun in a politically expedient manner.


Facebook ‘whistleblower’ Frances Haugen represented by US intelligence insiders

Facebook ‘whistleblower’ Frances Haugen represented by US intelligence insiders

The background of Frances Haugen’s Whistleblower Aid legal team indicates she was cultivated to complete Facebook’s transformation into a vehicle for the US national security state.

Facebook ‘whistleblower’ Frances Haugen represented by US intelligence insiders


Manufactured Heroes + How much do we REALLY know about the background of Facebook ‘whistleblower’ Frances Haugen?

Turkey, Syria, Iran & The Adana Agreement

Turkey, Syria, Iran & The Adana Agreement (Archived)

The PKK’s wacked out followers are violent. Crazed cultists. Get it?! This is not all the Kurdish people, this is sadly a large enough segment of fanatical sunni muslim kurds, both dangerous and violent, who will stop at nothing to advance their cult agenda even if it means killing other kurds, arabs, who ever may get in their way- As evidenced by the abundance of abuses the PKK/YPG/TAK etc are engaging in as proxies of the US and Israel.


The SDF equals the YPG/PKK/Kurds: A timeline of the PKK’s war on Turkey