UK to Give Ukraine Depleted Uranium Shells Despite Russian Warnings

Russia’s defense minister says the move brings the world closer to a ‘nuclear collision,’ Putin vows to respond

UK to Give Ukraine Depleted Uranium Shells Despite Russian Warnings


[2019] New Study Documents Depleted Uranium Impacts on Children in Iraq

“Depleted Uranium (DU) is a toxic, radioactive heavy metal that is the waste byproduct of the uranium enrichment process when producing nuclear weapons and uranium for nuclear reactors. Because this radioactive waste is plentiful and 1.7 times more dense than lead, the United States government uses DU in munitions/ammunition which are extremely effective at piercing armored vehicles. However, every round of DU ammunition leaves a residue of DU dust on everything it hits, contaminating the surrounding area with toxic waste that has a half-life of 4.5 billion years, the age of our solar system, and turns every battlefield and firing range into a toxic waste site that poisons everyone in such areas. DU dust can be inhaled, ingested, or absorbed through scratches in the skin. DU is linked to DNA damage, cancer, birth defects, and multiple other health problems. The United Nations classifies Depleted Uranium ammunitions as illegal Weapons of Mass Destruction because of their long-term impact on the land over which they are used and the long-term health problems they cause when people are exposed to them.”

The Pentagon denies that they’re sending depleted uranium ammunition (if you can even believe them)!


18+: Bloody weekend in Donbass – Ukrainian army kills five civilians and wounds 18

On 11 and 12 March 2023, the Ukrainian army shelled residential areas in the Donbass region in both the DPR and LPR (Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics) with HIMARS and Smerch multiple rocket launchers and 155 mm NATO shells, killing five civilians, including an eight-year-old child and a 17-year-old teenager, and injuring 18 other civilians, including two children.

Bloody weekend in Donbass – Ukrainian army kills five civilians and wounds 18 – Donbass Insider


Ukrainian Military Does Not Stop Shedding Blood Of Innocent Civilians In Donbass

On a daily basis, dozens of Ukrainian strikes are targeting civilian facilities, private houses, and public places in cities and villages where no battles are ongoing.

The Ukrainian military is intentionally targeting the strategic civilian facilities like grain warehouses and farms in an attempt to cause famine in the recently liberated regions; as well as public transport hubs in order to disrupt communication and transportation within the towns.

Nexta Gets Fact-Checked: Does This Video Show Strykers in Germany?


Fact-check: Does This Video Show Strykers in Germany?

This claim, however, is false. Through a reverse image search, Check Your Fact found that the video is from October 2022 and was taken in South Korea, according to DVIDS. The video caption reads, “Stryker vehicles from 2nd Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 2nd Infantry Division are offloaded at the Port of Pyeongtaek, South Korea on Oct. 8, 2022.”


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Neo-Nazi Ukraine: British Fascist ‘Aiden Aislin’ Back in Ukraine! (11.3.2023)

Neo-Nazi Ukraine: British Fascist ‘Aiden Aislin’ Back in Ukraine! (11.3.2023)

British terrorist Aiden, who repented for his participation in the war against Donbass and promised never to raise weapons against the Russians again, returned to fight in Donbass after returning from captivity. I remember Abramovich fed him cakes and steaks, gave him an iPhone. The guy believed in himself and decided that he could repent a second time in case of something

Aiden claims that he was banned from the EU Schengen Area but wanted to return as a propagandist.


Per Virtutem Pax

Per Virtutem Pax Video

Released Azov Prisoners Return to Frontlines to Kill More Russian Soldiers (archived)

Non-combatant” Yuliia Paievska

In Ukraine, the United States Is In Over Its Head

By Thomas Meaney. Mr. Meaney, a fellow at the Max Planck Society in Germany, writes regularly on American foreign policy and international relations.

The greatest blunder President Vladimir Putin may have made so far in Ukraine is giving the West the impression that Russia could lose the war. The early Russian strike on Kyiv stumbled and failed. The Russian behemoth seemed not nearly as formidable as it had been made out to be. The war suddenly appeared as a face-off between a mass of disenchanted Russian incompetents and supercharged, savvy Ukrainian patriots.

In Ukraine, the United States Is In Over Its Head