The return of the two-state solution illusion

For Democrats in the United States and the political “centrists” in Israel—represented by Joe Biden and Yair Lapid, respectively—the loss of credibility for the two-state solution has meant losing more and more support for Israeli policies. As the respected polling site noted recently, among many other sources, younger Democrats are increasingly supportive of Palestinians and less so of Israeli policies.

The return of the two-state solution illusion

More Disinformation From Israel

Joe Biden ran for president in 2020 with a pledge to restore the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) with Iran, which Donald Trump had withdrawn from in May 2018 under pressure from Republican Party Jewish donors, most notably underwritten by an estimated $100 million coming from now deceased Sheldon Adelson’s Las Vegas casino fortune. The JCPOA might plausibly be regarded as the only major diplomatic success for the Barack Obama Administration, which featured Biden as Vice President, and it was good for the US due to its curb on proliferation, as well as being a benefit for the entire Middle East region as it made less likely a “weapons of mass destruction” arms race involving the Egyptians and Saudis.

More Disinformation From Israel

Haaretz: No More Blind Support, the IDF Must Be Reined In

Prime Minister Yair Lapid repeated once again on Wednesday that he is a faithful successor to his predecessor, Benjamin Netanyahu, at least when it comes to matters of security and occupation. In response to a U.S. announcement, which called upon Israel to reexamine the IDF’s rules of engagement in the territories, the prime minister said: “No one will dictate rules of engagement to us when we’re fighting for our lives.”

No More Blind Support, the IDF Must Be Reined In

Interview with Lawrence Wilkerson

Retired US army colonel Lawrence Wilkerson touches on a number of hot topics, from a potential war between Lebanon and “Israel”, the dwindling Israeli military capabilities, to Biden’s Middle East doctrine, all the while casting doubt on Trump’s re-election.

Former chief of staff to US Secretary of State Colin Powell: Best case scenario for “Israel” in future war with Hezbollah would be a stalemate

Video via Al Mayadeen English

Racist West Ignores Palestinian Genocide & Gaza Massacres, Vocal Re Ukraine & Taiwan

In Apartheid Israel’s latest unprovoked Gaza Massacre 49 Palestinians were killed and 460 wounded. However the racist West has merely reiterated the routine Orwellian excuse of Israel’s right to defend itself, while condemning bloodless Chinese military exercises near US-protected Taiwan that is recognized by all nations as part of China. The West rightly condemns the Russian invasion of Ukraine, but de facto supports the 74-year Zionist occupation and ethnic cleansing of Palestine.

Racist West Ignores Palestinian Genocide & Gaza Massacres, Vocal Re Ukraine & Taiwan


Leaked NSO Group Presentation Details Malware’s Ability To Turn On Cameras, Mics To Surveil Targets

from the just-because-it’s-illegal-domestically-doesn’t-mean-you-can’t-profit-from-it dept

Fri, Aug 12th 2022 03:45pm – Tim Cushing

Israel’s foremost purveyor of malware, NSO Group, has undergone nearly a yearlong reckoning. A leak last summer appeared to show NSO customers were routinely targeting journalists, activists, members of opposition parties, and, in one case, the ex-wife of a Dubai ruler.

Leaked NSO Group Presentation Details Malware’s Ability To Turn On Cameras, Mics To Surveil Targets

DeSantis and Future Foreign Policy Disasters

With his refusal to go along with lockdowns and mask mandates during the pandemic, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis emerged as a hero to many in libertarian circles. But as his name is now consistently put forward as a prospective or even likely 2024 Republican Presidential candidate, those who view him favorably should take a sober second look. On foreign policy in particular, DeSantis promises to continue the disastrous policies of his predecessors, which have made us uniformly less free, less safe, and much poorer.

DeSantis and Future Foreign Policy Disasters