Sanctions against Russia: Reactions from the Middle East

By Yuriy Zinin – New Eastern Outlook – 12.05.2022

The Middle East media have not stopped commenting on recent developments in Ukraine through the prism of their perception in the region. Particular attention is paid to the topic of the sanctions imposed on Moscow and their resonance in the Arab world.

Sanctions against Russia: Reactions from the Middle East

The Washington Quid Pro Quo and a Comment on Roe v. Wade

The Washington Quid Pro Quo and a Comment on Roe v. Wade

As to Neuburger’s on Roe v. Wade, the fact that many people are mighty unhappy about it being overturned is not germane unless they manage to pass new Federal legislation, which seems unlikely. Women’s advocacy groups collectively need to be taken out and shot. If you read the original ruling, it’s a handwave. It was always vulnerable to being reversed. And yet those with most to lose did nothing to protect their rights. The response to abortion doctors being shot and women going to abortion clinics being threatened didn’t elicit remotely the warranted level of outrage. This action should have been made domestic terrorism in the laws of the Democratic-leaning states and prosecuted as such. The defenders of abortion acting like a bunch of wimps helped pave the way to where we are.

Comment by Yves Smith

Ukraine: The American Tyranny Of Power

Ukraine: The American Tyranny Of Power

The first thing these evil ruling oligarchs want is property, and the best way to drive prices down is to start a war, like they did in Vietnam, and in Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen and the entire Middle East where people are fleeing the war zones. As soon as this happens, land prices go down and the corporate privateers sweep in.

Digital Directorate so it can more effectively control internet information. The control of scientific and technological information is just as important as the control of words and language, any intellectual information that is written or spoken. All the internet hypertext language is routed through the supercomputer processors of the CIA in Langley, Virginia. Vladimir Putin recently said that the Internet was a CIA special project. He was right.

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