Bomb, Bomb, Bomb Somalia

Bomb, Bomb, Bomb Somalia

That’s because we bomb Somalia in virtual secrecy from the American people. Our government barely acknowledges the strikes. The media maintains a virtual blackout on the bombings. When pressed by the peace community, the official response is we’re killing bad guys in al-Shabab, an anti-Somalia government outfit the US helped create with its meddling in Somalia politics as part of its endless GWOT (Global War On Terror).

US Carries Out Airstrikes Targeting ‘Iran-Backed’ Groups in Syria

US Carries Out Airstrikes Targeting ‘Iran-Backed’ Groups in Syria

A Pentagon statement on August 15 said a US base in al-Tanf, Syria, was attacked by a series of drones causing no damage or injuries. There was no claim of responsibility for the attack. The White House has not provided evidence that an Iranian-backed group carried out the attack.

The US occupies about a third of Syrian territory with 900 troops. Washington claims its forces remain in Syria to ensure the enduring defeat of the Islamic State. However, Iranian-backed groups support the government of Bashar al-Assad, an avowed enemy of ISIS. In recent months, ISIS has carried out several attacks against Assad’s forces, killing scores of soldiers.

President Joe Biden asserted he had Constitutional authority to carry out the strikes. “The President gave the direction for these strikes pursuant to his Article II authority to protect and defend US personnel by disrupting or deterring attacks by Iran-backed groups,” the press release said.

While Article II may give Biden the power to defend US troops, Congress has never passed a declaration of war or authorization of military force for Syria. Without Congressional authorization, three successive American presidents bombed Syria.

US bombs Somalia for the third time this summer

US bombs Somalia for the third time this summer

Bottom line, it’s been a long time since the United States was not bombing Somalia. This comes after a particularly bloody period during the GWOT in which the CIA was using the country to detain and torture terror suspects from across North Africa. Whether this has ultimately been a good thing for the country or for the broader security of the region, one need only to look at the continued instability and impoverishment of the people, and of course, the persistent presence of al-Shabab itself.

Who Killed the POWs at Yelenovka? All Signs on the Ground Point to a Ukrainian Attack

by Eva K Bartlett

It was extremely difficult to witness the charred and twisted remains of Ukrainian POWs in the Yelenovka detention center at first hand. The stench of death was overwhelming. Bodies remained in the ruins and melted into the metal bunk beds they were on at the time of the bombing.

Who Killed the POWs at Yelenovka? All Signs on the Ground Point to a Ukrainian Attack

Lessons From Vietnam For Ukraine

In April 1965, U.S. President Lyndon Baines Johnson (LBJ) explained why he was escalating US involvement in Vietnam. With an Orwellian touch, LBJ titled the speech “Peace without Conquest” as he announced the beginning of US air attacks on Vietnam. He explained that “We must fight if we are to live in a world where every country can shape its own destiny and only in such a world will our own freedom be secure… we have made a national pledge to help South Vietnam defend its independence and I intend to keep that promise. To dishonor that pledge, to abandon the small and brave nation to its enemies and the terror must follow would be an unforgivable wrong.”

Lessons From Vietnam For Ukraine