The Historical US Support for al-Qaeda

The Historical US Support for al-Qaeda

And let me tell you about American leaders. In power, they don’t think the way you and I do. They don’t feel the way you and I do. They have supported “awful jihadists” and their moral equivalents for decades. Let’s begin in 1979 in Afghanistan, where the Moujahedeen (“holy warriors”) were in battle against a secular, progressive government supported by the Soviet Union; a “favorite tactic” of the Moujahedeen was “to torture victims [often Russians] by first cutting off their nose, ears, and genitals, then removing one slice of skin after another”, producing “a slow, very painful death”.

In latest US move vs. China, Pompeo stirs up division in Southeast Asia

In latest US move vs. China, Pompeo stirs up division in Southeast Asia

Despite its noble-sounding proclamations, the true goal of the U.S. government is to prevent a resolution to the disputes among neighbors in Southeast Asia. Noh highlighted the fact that, “China and all the other ASEAN nations were in the process of negotiating and resolving their disputes amicably, until the US, weaponizing lawfare, concocted with the Philippines in 2015 a fraudulent case about the South China Sea in a paid-for farce of a private tribunal that was later marketed as a UN ruling (it wasn’t).”

Mike Pompeo’s speech to the ASEAN summit was a textbook example of the oldest imperialist trick in the book: divide and conquer. But the reality is clear — the U.S. government is a friend to no one other than Wall Street and the ultra-rich, and causes chaos wherever it intervenes.

American from cruise ship docked in Cambodia tests positive in Malaysia for coronavirus

An 83-year-old American passenger from a cruise ship that docked in Cambodia after being shunned by other countries has tested positive for the new coronavirus after being tested in Malaysia, health authorities said on Saturday.
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We bombed it, we own it: US wants China to take its hands off Cambodia

The recent allegations of a military outpost follow a similar pattern of allegations we have seen almost anywhere China has begun extending its arc of influence. A number of countries that China has poured money into have been accused of potentially offering a major military platform to Beijing for it to be used for military purposes. This list of nations includes Pakistan, Tajikistan, Samoa, Djibouti, Vanuatu, Afghanistan, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, to name but a few. So far, though, China has only one overseas military base in Djibouti, whilst the US has its military scattered across the globe. 
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