Living in an Age of War: Russia, Ukraine and the Way Out

The events that have unfolded in Ukraine have been very unsettling. As Ukrainians flee their country and the west imposing the harshest of the sanctions in Russia, it is imperative that we delve deeper into what led to this chaos in the first place. People have been quick enough to pick sides without actually knowing what exactly is happening. Zyuganov Gennady Andreevich, the Chairman of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation had this to say about the conflict:

Living in an Age of War: Russia, Ukraine and the Way Out

NATO is the means of continuing colonial aggressions against African countries.

NATO and Africa: A Relationship of Colonial Violence and Structural White Supremacy

NATO is the means of continuing colonial aggressions against African countries.

Considering the public media attention and concern about possible expansion of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), it is worth reminding people about NATO’s bloody history in Africa. NATO was founded in 1949 after WWII at a time when African countries were still under the yoke of colonialism. In fact most of the original founders of NATO had been Africa’s principal colonizers such as UK, France, Portugal, Belgium, Italy and the USA as lead NATO organizer and dominant partner. The organization was established as a collective defense against the Soviet Union with the requirement (Article 5) that any attack on one was considered an attack on all and therefore requiring a collective response.

NATO is the means of continuing colonial aggressions against African countries.

Wall Street’s Diabolical Plan to Financialize All Nature

This is unacceptable. And is already being pushed. Promoted. Like a ‘vaccine’ that causes harm rather then helping. Like a bitter pill hidden in a pile of sugar.

The Globe and Mail had an article in it’s print edition pushing this very agenda – Is it time to make ‘natural capital’ an asset class?

As I’ve always said the “green” movement is all about money. Profit. Plunder. Exploitation. Profiteering. Monopolization of everything. Denial of your human right to use what nature has given you to use. Since you and I are part of nature we shall be further exploited for profit. You know ‘pandemics and ‘vaccines’ as one form of crony capitalist, technocratic abuse.

Wall Street’s Diabolical Plan to Financialize All Nature


Wall Street’s Takeover of Nature Advances with Launch of New Asset Class

Water wars loom amid climate collapse & plans for unprecedented imperialist destruction

Anti-Asian hate is a symptom of intensifying capitalist reaction

Capital can be resilient. Far more resilient than many revolutionaries have anticipated. Marx predicted that communist revolutions would initially come in the countries where the productive forces are most developed. But save for the eastern part of Germany at the cost of a catastrophic war, none of the core imperialist countries have so far undergone such revolutions. In these places, capital has held on in the face of multiple world wars, depressions, and pandemics, allowing them to continue holding back revolutions in most other places through imperialist meddling.

Anti-Asian hate is a symptom of intensifying capitalist reaction

China’s Fortune Cookie Crumbles : Michael Hudson and Renegade Inc.

YouTube: China’s Fortune Cookie Crumbles : Michael Hudson and Renegade Inc.

Transcript & Final Notes

America doesn’t build infrastructure these days unless it’s monopolised. This is the political fight going on in the United States now. President Biden has a infrastructure plan that he’s scaled down from six and a half trillion to three and a half trillion. And essentially the bulk of the Democratic and Republican Party said if we can’t privatise infrastructure and make it a rent-extracting monopoly, we’re not going to do it, and we’re going to block the government from doing it. So in the United States, they’re going to have high priced infrastructure, high-priced health care and high-priced education while China is going to have low-priced transportation, low-cost infrastructure, free education, public health care. And you’re going to have a very high-cost United States unable to compete with the rest of the world. All it can do is make military threats or financial threats. If it tries to impose sanctions as it’s imposed on Russia, China and other countries, these are going to serve as protective tariffs for foreign countries.