You’re Not Actually Helping When You “Support” Protesters In Empire-Targeted Nations

Truthout has a recent article titled “The Left Can Support Protesters in China Without Shilling for US Imperialism” with a subtitle asserting that “Chinese workers and Uyghurs need solidarity from leftists worldwide,” and it at no point attempts to defend either one of those titular claims.

You’re Not Actually Helping When You “Support” Protesters In Empire-Targeted Nations

Truthout interviews Rebecca E Karl, for the above-linked article. She works for NGOs/non-profits affiliated with George Soros and John D. Rockefeller 3rd (Rockefeller Foundation). As for Naomi Klein, she was ‘compromised’ even before coronavirus as covered by Cory Morningstar. I can’t find anything on the Jacobin author, as his name (pseudonym?!) is the same as the deceased Iranian poet and journalist Khosrow Golsorkhi. The GrayZone covered Jacobin, previously.

Notes for self:

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