Remembering November 11, 1975: Pine Gap, the CIA and the coup to remove Whitlam

Remembering November 11, 1975: Pine Gap, the CIA and the coup to remove Whitlam

As PM, Whitlam demanded to know if and why the CIA had a spy base at the “Joint Defence Space Research Facility” in Pine Gap, near Alice Springs, in the Northern Territory.

On paper, Pine Gap was meant to be a collaboration between the Australian Department of Defence and the Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

In Nugan Hand: A tale of drugs, dirty money, the CIA and the ousting of the Whitlam government, activist and former state Labor parliamentarian Joan Coxsedge wrote that Whitlam was considering the idea of not renewing the US-Australia agreement on Pine Gap.

Coxsedge said: “The Pine Gap Treaty signed on December 9, 1966, stated that after an initial nine years, either party could terminate the agreement on one year’s notice, which would determine the fate of the CIA’s most valuable overseas base.


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Venezuelan Hard Right Opposition Leader Leopoldo Lopez Flees to Spain

Venezuelan Hard Right Opposition Leader Leopoldo Lopez Flees to Spain

Long seen as one of the most prominent anti-Chavista figures, Lopez had been in the Spanish Ambassador’s residence for 18 months. He was freed from house arrest by rogue intelligence officers during the failed military putsch on April 30, 2019 and sought refuge in the embassy after the coup attempt fizzled out.

The founder of the far right Popular Will party was a key actor in the 2002 failed coup attempt against then President Hugo Chavez and later played a leading role in the 2014 violent “guarimba” street protests which left 43 people dead. He was found guilty of public incitement to violence and association to commit crimes and convicted to a 13 years and nine months prison sentence in 2015, which was commuted to house arrest two years later.


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Before the Bidens ‘Did’ Ukraine, There Was Iraq – and Serbia

By James George Jatras | Strategic Culture Foundation | October 16, 2020

Vice President Joe Biden pushed for regime change in Ukraine, which succeeded in February 2014 with the ouster of the constitutionally elected president, Viktor Yanukovych. In April 2014, Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, was brought onto Burisma’s board (along with a fellow named Devon Archer, later convicted of unrelated fraud) at an exorbitant level of compensation that made little sense in light of Hunter’s nonexistent expertise in the energy business – but which made plenty of sense given that his dad was not only Veep but the Obama administration’s point man on policy toward Ukraine, including foreign assistance money.

Before the Bidens ‘Did’ Ukraine, There Was Iraq – and Serbia