Cuba Condemns U.S. Operations in Havana’s San Isidro

Cuba Condemns U.S. Operations in Havana’s San Isidro

The U.S. diplomat has visited San Isidro on several occasions, when events of political and social provocation were taking place and would personally transport and support those who were violating the current health protection regulations. Fernández de Cossío deemed this in serious violation of his functions as a diplomat and as Head of Mission, a flagrant and defiant interference in the internal political affairs of Cuba and incontestable violations of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations.


The CIA insists on promoting a Color Revolution in Cuba

Since 1959 the CIA has worked to overthrow the Cuban Revolution, many have been its programs and covert operations to achieve it, but all failed, including its assassination plans and terrorist acts.



Castro has consistently shown he cares more for the American working class than the American elites do themselves. After Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, Fidel immediately offered medical aid to the United States. The pride of the American Government dictated that rather than accept the 1610 doctors that Fidel offered, they would rather let their own citizens die on the roofs of houses or hospitals. No one evacuated the US citizens from stadiums and in nursing homes, people were euthanized to prevent death by drowning. The US in 1959 tried to leave the Cuban population without doctors, yet in September 2005 Castro was the first to offer the US doctors when they needed it most.

Times Editorial Lets Slip Joe Biden’s Latin America Policy: More Obama-Style Coups

Times Editorial Lets Slip Joe Biden’s Latin America Policy: More Obama-Style Coups

What the authors are referring to is a continent-wide campaign to unseat progressive leaders that ended in the jailing of Brazilian president Lula da Silva, the impeachment of his successor Dilma Rousseff, and the rise of the far-right authoritarian Jair Bolsonaro. The so-called Operation Car Wash (“Lava Jato” in Portuguese) was ostensibly an attempt to root out corruption at all levels of society. Yet leaked documents and recordings have shown that, from the beginning, it was a naked powerplay attempt by Brazil’s rich elite to retake control of society from the progressive Workers’ Party administrations through legal means.

NYT: Biden’s Plans for Latin America: End ‘Bully Dictating Policy’

Mr. Biden’s advisers say they would seek to revive the anti-corruption campaign that set off political earthquakes across the Americas starting in 2014, but largely stalled in recent years.


How the United States killed Brazil’s Democracy. Again.

The War on Cuba and Venezuela

The War on Cuba and Venezuela

But not only did the Cuban people benefit from subsidized or no-cost Venezuelan oil; the Venezuelan working class did too, from the Cuban health, culture and literacy missions, such as Barrio Adentro and Misión Robinson, now common throughout the country. Under Chavez’s PDVSA, which since 1986 has owned a majority share of U.S. oil refiner and distributor CITGO, the U.S. poor and people of color also benefited from Venezuelan oil, as Joe Kennedy’s Citizens Energy Corporation worked with Chavez to deliver free heating fuel to homeless shelters, low-income communities of colors and Native American reservations.

YouTube: The War on Cuba – Episode 1