Pelosi expected to visit Taiwan, Taiwanese and US officials say and Could Get Us All Killed!

Nancy Pelosi Taiwan Visit Could Get Us All Killed


Pelosi expected to visit Taiwan, Taiwanese and US officials say

Officials also believe the Chinese leadership doesn’t completely grasp the political dynamics in the United States*, leading to a misunderstanding over the significance of Pelosi’s potential visit. The officials say China may be confusing Pelosi’s visit with an official administration visit, since she and Biden are both Democrats. Administration officials are concerned that China doesn’t separate Pelosi from Biden much, if at all.

The ‘eccentric, bigoted’ Pelosi does not care about others’ thoughts, but Biden is the key in the 82-year-old’s planned Taiwan trip

Pelosi is in the presidential line of succession, thus the administration takes extra care of her security when she travels overseas, the White House said on Tuesday, according to CNN.

They’re well aware that Pelosi is the second in line of Presidential succession!

US Coerces UN Human Rights Chief Following Xinjiang China Visit

Jun 11, 2022 — In the wake of the UN human rights chief’s visit to Xinjiang, China – the Western media and US government-funded organizations have concluded that the UN is not sufficiently repeating Western claims about China’s alleged treatment of its Uyghur minority.

In reality, the US is spreading false narratives about China just as it did regarding Iraq in 2003 – all to undermine and isolate China on the global stage in a bid to prevent it from surpassing the US, and because the US is not capable of competing with China fairly.

US Coerces UN Human Rights Chief Following Xinjiang China Visit (Odysse) — The New Atlas on YouTube


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[1999] CIA’s War Against China

by Ralph McGehee, December 1999

The US has again asked the UN to condemn China’s human rights record. Our nervousness over this issue is increased by the scheduled reversion of Hong Kong to Chinese rule next year. The condemnation request has been accompanied by a barrage of media stor ies about China’s treatment of orphans, the Laogai prison system, the lack of political freedom and other issues. Observers of international political developments will recognize such stories as the standard accompaniment of operations by the CIA/NED to alter or overthrow target governments. The US corporate-owned media, in league with government agencies, orchestrate media coverage to demonize states in conflict with corporate plans. (Many of the media stories seem to be generated by the “privately funded” US-based Human Rights Watch/Asia). Once and if the Chinese government is changed and serves well the corporate state, even if any abuses multiply — we will hear no protest.

CIA’s War Against China
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US plays Tibet card as India seeks modus vivendi with China

US plays Tibet card as India seeks modus vivendi with China


On volatile border between India and China, a high-altitude military buildup is underway

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NRO’s strategy to buy satellite imagery shaped by thriving commercial market

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