“Most transparent administration in history” stops publishing military expenditures, arms transfers report

“Most transparent administration in history” stops publishing military expenditures, arms transfers report

They make no mention of Hunter Biden’s Burisma dealings but emphasize his business deals with a defunct Chinese business. 🙄


Euromaidan 2014 – Orange Revolution – War in Donbass

The Truth About Ukrainegate

As he arms Ukraine, Biden readies new weapon pipelines for Eastern Europe

Top U.S. officials on Thursday unveiled $2.8 billion in new military and humanitarian aid for Ukraine and Eastern European allies, marking a shift from just-in-time weapons transfers to Ukraine to a longer-term effort to equip nations all across NATO’s eastern front.

“At some point, particularly if House Republicans win in the elections, I don’t know how we do this in December or in January, it’s going to be really, really difficult,” to get more aid packages passed, one Republican staffer admitted. The staffer spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss sensitive political matters.

“If there were a war in the Taiwan Strait right now, [there are] very serious concerns the U.S. would have sufficient munitions for any kind of prolonged conflict,” Jones said. “The industrial base right now is being severely tested.”

Thursday’s transfer will pull more material from those stockpiles, including artillery and armored vehicles, bringing total U.S. drawdowns to $8.6 billion, and leaving about $2.9 billion left from the overall amount that Congress authorized to be sent to Ukraine in May. The Pentagon will need to use the funds by the end of this fiscal year on Sept. 30 or else require a waiver from Congress to extend the authority.

As he arms Ukraine, Biden readies new weapon pipelines for Eastern Europe


Most-accurate US artillery shell Excalibur quietly added to Ukraine aid

Interview with Lawrence Wilkerson

Retired US army colonel Lawrence Wilkerson touches on a number of hot topics, from a potential war between Lebanon and “Israel”, the dwindling Israeli military capabilities, to Biden’s Middle East doctrine, all the while casting doubt on Trump’s re-election.

Former chief of staff to US Secretary of State Colin Powell: Best case scenario for “Israel” in future war with Hezbollah would be a stalemate

Video via Al Mayadeen English

The current status of the investigation into the murder of Darya Dugina

The current status of the investigation into the murder of Darya Dugina (translation)

And, most likely, it was not the Americans, but the British. In the USA you have to get in order to eliminate a people, much too many signatures from the very top. And then you would say directly that it was. So it was in Afghanistan with the leader of Al-Qaeda, Bin Laden. The assassination was approved with the signature of President Obama. So it was with the assassination of Iranian General Suleimani on the personal order of President Trump. The British quieter and without the signature collection. And they love their cars. The MINI Cooper, for example. This is a weakness. And the next step – for the beauty of purely English murder it would be to strangle Natalia Vovk somewhere and to give Russia the blame. So you could finish the Whole thing. And the tracks would be blurred.

The articles are in German by independent journalist Thomas Roper. I’ve provided links to the English translations by Google next to them (the language can be switched at the top of the translated articles). He suspects that it was British intelligence, as did Nicolas. Thomas connects Ilya Ponomarev, Michael Khodorkovsky, and Alexei Navalny to George Soros. He also points out that Ilya Ponomarev wrote, and worked, for the Center for Strategic and International Studies, which is connected to the Free Russia Foundation. CSIS is funded by various Western governments, corporations (oil and defense industries), and NGOs; including George Soros’ Open Society Foundations and the Rockefeller Brothers Foundation. On another note, quite a few from the Biden Administration have worked at CSIS including Antony Blinken (State Department), Kathleen Hicks (Defense Department), and Kurt M. Campbell (National Security Council Coordinator for the Indo-Pacific).


Soros and Kiev supported the group is behind the murder of Darya Dugina (translation)

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Pentagon stockpiles ‘uncomfortably low’ due to Ukraine arms transfers: DoD

Arms makers are licking their chops as defense officials worry about shortfalls in weapons stockpiles.

Pentagon stockpiles ‘uncomfortably low’ due to Ukraine arms transfers: DoD


Ukraine War Depleting U.S. Ammunition Stockpiles, Sparking Pentagon Concern

In recent weeks, the level of 155 mm combat rounds in U.S. military storage have become “uncomfortably low,” one defense official said. The levels aren’t yet critical because the U.S. isn’t engaged in any major military conflict, the official added. “It is not at the level we would like to go into combat,” the defense official said.

In the U.S., it takes 13 to 18 months from the time orders are placed for munitions to be manufactured, according to an industry official. Replenishing stockpiles of more sophisticated weaponry such as missiles and drones can take much longer.

Speaking on an earnings call July 19, Jim Taiclet, chief executive of Lockheed Martin Corp., said the Pentagon has yet to put the contracts in place or coordinate with industry to buy more supplies, a process that often takes two to three years.

China’s neighbors are buying US weapons Washington isn’t delivering

China’s neighbors are buying US weapons Washington isn’t delivering

Even though the United States views these weapons sales as integral to deterring China from attacking Taiwan, some of the deals were publicly announced as far back as 2017.

The reasons – government delays, supply chain issues and production requirements – are numerous, and the problem won’t be easy to fix, Rep. Mike McCaul, R-Texas, the ranking member on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, told Defense News.

The U.S. government has approved the sale of 10 weapons systems Taiwan has yet to receive – some of which are not slated for delivery until the end of the decade.

The United States has flooded billions of dollars in weapons into Ukraine, including items that are part of Taiwan’s backlog, such as Harpoon anti-ship missiles, Stinger anti-aircraft missiles and High Mobile Artillery Rocket Systems.

For example, several Middle Eastern and eastern European countries are ahead of Taiwan in Lockheed Martin’s F-16 production queue. In 2019, the State Department approved an $8 billion Taiwan sale for 66 F-16s, but Taipei does not expect to receive the aircraft until 2026.

Saudi Arabia is still ahead of Taiwan on the priority list in some cases,” Rep. Mike Gallagher, R-Wis., told Defense News ahead of a July meeting with Taiwan’s Washington envoy. “We need to take a look at that.”