Rittenhouse Trial Exposes The Democrats’ Reliance On False Narratives

Rittenhouse Trial Exposes The Democrats’ Reliance On False Narratives

With Russiagate exposed as fraud, Rittenhouse getting acquitted and with many of the Democrats campaign promises unfulfilled a majority of midterm voters may well conclude that the Democrats are crooks who not deserve their vote.


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US-China relations at crossroads

The Biden Administration, in dire straits over Afghanistan, is pursuing China for help. There have been two phone calls to Chinese State Councilor and FM Wang Yi from US Secretary of state Antony Blinken since August 16 alone.

The taciturn readouts from Washington would have us believe that these conversations related exclusively to Afghan developments. But Beijing insists that they devolved upon the China-US bilateral relationship as whole. Beijing copiously shared the details of what transpired!

US-China relations at crossroads

Israel’s Lawyer Speaks Up

Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran BY PHILIP GIRALDI • UNZ REVIEW • AUGUST 17, 2021

America’s foreign policy is a funny thing, except for the fact that it is no laughing matter. Given the recent sentencing of whistleblower Daniel Hale for revealing to the media that the US military’s drone program kills innocent civilians including many children 90% of the time, one has to wonder what the “humanitarian” Joe Biden Administration is up to. Hale will presumably serve 45 months in a federal prison though the actual time in the slammer might be closer to 18 months if he behaves and submits to counseling.

Israel’s Lawyer Speaks Up