Obama and Liberals Killed Abortion Rights

The revelation that the Supreme Court is poised to overturn the Roe v. Wade decision has not motivated left-wing democrats to effectively mobilize on an issue they claim to care about. They are made powerless by their dependence on liberalism and loyalty to people like Barack Obama who undermine them.

Obama and Liberals Killed Abortion Rights

Steve Bannon made ‘deeply flawed’ arguments for escaping a contempt of Congress prosecution, House tells judge

Steve Bannon has made “deeply flawed” arguments for escaping prosecution on contempt of Congress charges and should stand trial as scheduled in July, House lawyers said, in an unusual court brief backing up the Justice Department’s case against the onetime Trump advisor.

Steve Bannon made ‘deeply flawed’ arguments for escaping a contempt of Congress prosecution, House tells judge

More Americans are blaming Biden for the state of the economy

Sometimes understanding political opinion is complicated. For example, electoral observers will be trying to comprehend the rise of Donald Trump in American politics for years to come.

The story of public opinion ahead of the 2022 midterms, on other hand, is, at this point, an easy one to understand: “It’s the economy, stupid,” and unless the economy improves, President Joe Biden and the Democrats are in major trouble.

More Americans are blaming Biden for the state of the economy

The Washington Quid Pro Quo and a Comment on Roe v. Wade

The Washington Quid Pro Quo and a Comment on Roe v. Wade

As to Neuburger’s on Roe v. Wade, the fact that many people are mighty unhappy about it being overturned is not germane unless they manage to pass new Federal legislation, which seems unlikely. Women’s advocacy groups collectively need to be taken out and shot. If you read the original ruling, it’s a handwave. It was always vulnerable to being reversed. And yet those with most to lose did nothing to protect their rights. The response to abortion doctors being shot and women going to abortion clinics being threatened didn’t elicit remotely the warranted level of outrage. This action should have been made domestic terrorism in the laws of the Democratic-leaning states and prosecuted as such. The defenders of abortion acting like a bunch of wimps helped pave the way to where we are.

Comment by Yves Smith

What About the “Woke” Right?

According to our conservative friends, being “woke” refers to those who are ridiculously politically correct and who speak out too much on social injustice. It’s commonly used as a pejorative term when referring to those on the left, increasingly paring it with phrases like “woke mob” or as a sledgehammer, using “anti-woke” to proclaim their vehement opposition.

What About the “Woke” Right?

Oil From Biden’s Emergency SPR Release Is Heading For Europe

Oil From Biden’s Emergency SPR Release Is Heading For Europe


U.S. Exports Oil From SPR Release: Report

Bloomberg: Oil From U.S. Strategic Reserve Heads for Europe Amid Global Supply Crunch

[11-2021] U.S. Is Already Exporting Oil From Strategic Reserve at Record Pace

If the Biden Administration decides to tap U.S. emergency crude reserves to push down domestic energy prices, it may not help all that much. The supplies may just be exported away like last month.

The White House has been mulling a range of options to ease soaring pump prices and Democrats are pressing for a potential ban on oil exports as well as the release of crude from the nation’s strategic reserves.

It’s not “Putin’s Price Hike,” if prices were going up, last November!

Nuclear Risks Rise as Russia and the West Prepare for Protracted Conflict

Nuclear Risks Rise as Russia and the West Prepare for Protracted Conflict

As Russia prepares for a new offensive in the eastern Donbass region, the West is doubling down on what has been an unprecedented program of military aid to Ukraine. Washington is not just giving Ukraine weapons but telling it where to point them. According to recent reporting, the Biden administration has significantly loosened internal guidelines with the aim of allowing the Pentagon and U.S. intelligence services to share real-time targeting information with the Ukrainian military. The Biden administration is still reportedly reluctant to provide Ukraine’s armed forces with targeting information against Russian forces in Russia. But with mounting pressure from Republicans and Democrats who argue that the United States is not doing enough to support the Ukrainian war effort, it appears to be only a matter of time until that line is crossed as well.

A majority coalition of Western governments appears to be working not to facilitate a negotiated settlement to end the humanitarian catastrophe unfolding in Ukraine, but to draw the Kremlin into a years-long quagmire that would make the Afghan mujahideen pale by comparison.

Kiev is being encouraged by its Western benefactors not to consider pragmatic, creative solutions aimed at swiftly ending the bloodshed, but to pursue a maximalist agenda on the battlefield and the negotiating table. Some congressional Republicans are pressuring the Biden administration to facilitate Ukrainian counter-offensives to retake all territories occupied by Russia, including Crimea and the breakaway Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics (DNR and LPR). As the fighting shifts eastward, calls to help Ukraine take the fight to Russia will likely grow louder. The intention among many Western lawmakers is to back Moscow into a corner; but what might happen if they succeed?

There is no indication that the Kremlin, which is convinced its existential interests are at stake in the ongoing conflict, has any intention of backing off in the face of the West’s maximum pressure campaign. To the contrary, all current signs point to further escalation. CIA director William Burns warned on Thursday that if Russia proves unable to reverse its military setbacks in Ukraine through conventional means, Moscow could eventually make the decision to employ low-yield tactical nuclear weapons. As hopes for a diplomatic off-ramp fade, the war in Ukraine is poised to roil the European continent—and further destabilize the international system—with no end in sight.

H/T: Natylie’s Place: Understanding Russia