As if things couldn’t get worse: Realists, inside the Biden Regime, are being replaced with Neocons

Recently several administration official who were working on China and Ukraine policies announced to step back or retire. The people in question were not neo-conservative China hawks like Secretary of State Anthony Blinken or National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan. The unexpected loss of top sane hands has me concerned that there is some big move in planning that will damage U.S. relations with China and Russia even more than they already are:

Why Are These Biden Officials Leaving Their Top Posts?

F-16s won’t fundamentally alter the course of Ukraine War

“NATO and allied nations operate near-24 hour surveillance of Ukraine’s battlefield, using a massive radar mounted on specialized aircraft. (David Common/CBC)”

F-16s won’t fundamentally alter the course of Ukraine War

Secondly, while the F-16 is clearly one of the best fourth-generation fighter jets in the world, its primary effectiveness is predicated on being one component in an integrated command and control battle management system of sensors. While the jet is capable of operating on its own, it is far less capable without additional acquisition assets, such as the E-3 Sentry AWACS. To date, there has been no discussion of providing this capability to Ukraine.

NATO already has AWACS in the area, though.

Censorship at the American Psychological Association

The publishing process in academic psychology journals isn’t typically known for its drama or intrigue. It’s true that there can be frustrations and challenges for aspiring authors. These include obtaining timely feedback from peer reviewers; adequately addressing often-disparate concerns and revision recommendations; and waiting the many months that frequently elapse between submitting a manuscript and its hoped-for publication. Nevertheless, there’s little doubt that articles published in reputable scientific journals play an essential role in advancing our understanding of human behavior.

Censorship at the American Psychological Association