9/11 @ 20: It Could Have Been So Much Worse!

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20 years ago. Thursday. Nice late summer day. I happened to be at home. My mother in law called and said “put the tv on“. Then, as now, the tv was off. Never been much of a fan. So I turned it on and wow! I could hardly believe what was taking place. Planes hitting buildings? Buildings exploding/collapsing as if they’d been rigged with explosives for demolition? Falling far to neatly and compactly for the massive structures they were. Some talking heads were stating, that day, the destruction was reminiscent of controlled demolitions.

9/11 @ 20: It Could Have Been So Much Worse!

UK: Former MI6 chief behind faked “evidence” for Iraq war leading anti-China Wuhan lab conspiracy

Former MI6 chief behind faked “evidence” for Iraq war leading anti-China Wuhan lab conspiracy

It is not accidental that the Wall Street Journal author, Michael R. Gordon, was the same man who, along with Judith Miller, wrote the September 8, 2002 article asserting Iraqi President Saddam Hussein was seeking to build a nuclear weapon. The claim was a lie, funnelled to the pair by the office of Republican Vice President Dick Cheney. But before it could be irrefutably discredited, it had served its purpose in politically legitimising the Iraq war and occupation that has killed over a million people.

Likewise, the main public “intelligence” proponent of the Wuhan lab conspiracy in Britain is former MI6 chief Sir Richard Dearlove. He first made the claim in a Telegraph podcast in June 2020, shortly after Trump’s secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, said he had “enormous evidence” to back this up, before quickly backtracking.


Study alleges China created coronavirus in lab, tried to cover tracks

As I’ve pointed out, before:

Dalgleish/Sorensen published a prior study, blaming China, which was rejected twice before eventually being published in Cambridge University’s Quarterly Review of Biophysics Discovery. One of the authors, John Fredrik Moxnes (who asked to have his name removed) has ties to the Norwegian military. Sir Richard Dearlove (former head of MI6), featured in this article, graduated from Cambridge University, himself* (Original article is behind a paywall)

QRB Discovery is published by Cambridge University Press, despite what the Telegraph article stated (were they hiding something?!).

*Cambridge University seems to be a recruiting ground for MI5/MI6.

Hawks seek revival with new group

Hawks seek revival with new group

As senior director for Near East and North African affairs from 2002 to 2009, Abrams played a key role in encouraging the U.S. invasion of Iraq and urging other interventions in the region and supported an armed coup attempt against the democratically elected Hamas government in Gaza, touching off a brief civil war that left the Islamist group stronger than ever. His advocacy as special envoy for Venezuela and Iran of ever-stronger sanctions against the governments in those two countries succeeded only in strengthening hard-line forces in both nations and pushing much of their middle classes into poverty. Given that record, why Vandenberg’s backers would choose him as the group’s chairman and public face, is intriguing, to say the least.