Kuleba: China did not offer to give occupied Ukrainian territories to Russia

Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said that Polish, German, French and Belgian diplomats do not confirm that Chinese Special Envoy Li Hui proposed to leave the occupied Ukrainian territories to Russia.

On Friday, the Wall Street Journal reported that a Chinese delegation headed by Li Hui, during a tour of the EU, urged European leaders to demand an immediate ceasefire in Ukraine, leaving Russia with the territories it seized.

Kuleba: China did not offer to give occupied Ukrainian territories to Russia

The Anglo-American War on Russia – Part Seven (Russia Halts Greater Israel)

Russia did nothing as NATO bombed Serbia in 1999 and destroyed Libya in 2011. It watched NATO ignore promises not to expand eastward and not to build new military bases in Europe. After the CIA coup in Ukraine in 2014, Russia realized that it must push back to survive.

Russia had always maintained friendly relations with Syria and sold it much weaponry. The Neocon’s Greater Israel project is mostly unknown to Americans. Part of this sinister plan was an effort to destroy Syria beginning in 2011. Israel and Turkey sought to expand their borders while the Arab gulf states wanted a secure pipeline to send natural gas to Europe. Neocons control American foreign policy so the United States supported this effort that shipped tons of arms and thousands of jihadist mercenaries to Syria to overthrow its popular government.

Russian intervention to save Syria in 2015 led to a huge power shift in the Middle East. The failed Neocon coup in Turkey, years of threats to Iran, and threats to Russia led to an informal alliance. These nations had differences in the past, but clear threats from the Israeli-America-Saudi axis of evil encouraged them to form an unofficial alliance. As a result, the Neocon plan for Greater Israel was halted, so the Neocons accelerated an ambitious plan to destroy Russia.

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West Wants Relationship with Ukraine to Follow the ‘Israel Model’

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky visits the Western Wall, in Jerusalem’s Old City on January 23, 2020 (Shlomi Cohen/Flash90)

The United States and some of its NATO allies plan to increase weapons-sharing and provide additional security guarantees to Ukraine. Polish President Andrzej Duda told the Wall Street Journal that Western leaders were supportive of developing ties with Kiev similar to the relationship Washington keeps with Tel Aviv.

West Wants Relationship with Ukraine to Follow the ‘Israel Model’


Archived: To Aid Ukraine in Fight Against Russia, Allies Look to Security Model Like Israel’s

Israel isn’t a member of NATO, and the U.S. isn’t treaty-bound to come to the country’s aid. But for decades Israel has enjoyed a special relationship with the U.S. as Washington’s most stalwart partner in the Middle East, and it is also the largest cumulative recipient of U.S. foreign assistance since World War II.

U.S. assistance to Israel is currently outlined in 10-year agreements, and the most recent one commits Washington to providing $38 billion in military aid between 2019 and 2028.

Zelensky did say that he wanted Ukraine to be a “big Israel”. /sarcasm

Revealed: Belarusian neo-Nazi leader obtained UK missiles in Ukraine

Sergei Korotkikh acquired anti-tank launchers from Britain, despite being accused of beheading a migrant when he led a neo-Nazi group in Russia. UK-supplied weapons have reached a range of far-right forces in Ukraine, our investigation finds.

Revealed: Belarusian neo-Nazi leader obtained UK missiles in Ukraine


Serhii Korotkykh – Prominent Azov movement player and former police official

Serhii Korotkykh is a Belarusian neo-Nazi and the founder of the Ukrainian NGO Protection and Reconstruction of the Country (also known as Zirka or “Start”). He uses the nickname Malyuta in Ukrainian and Botsman in Russian. Korotkykh is also a former member of the far right organization, Russian National Unity (RNE).

Korotkykh is “Botsman” of the Bucha massacre. Konstantin Nemichev tortured Russian POWs.

Ukraine colonel dismisses reports that Russians are poorly equipped as ‘more TikTok propaganda than reality’

Ukraine colonel dismisses reports that Russians are poorly equipped as ‘more TikTok propaganda than reality’

In the midst of these back-and-forth battles, reports circulated that Russian fighters were poorly equipped. Ukrainian [Neo-Nazi] Col. Andriy Biletsky, however, now says those claims are “more TikTok propaganda than reality.”

“The enemy is ready,” Biletsky, the commander of Ukraine’s 3rd Separate Assault Brigade told The New York Times. “They are well personally equipped, armed, they have means of communication, good armored vehicles and a very good system of unmanned aerial vehicles.”

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Rainer Shea: Why I’m Pro-Russia & Pro-Rage Against the War Machine: Anti-Imperialists Can’t Win With Idealism

By Rainer Shea – May 12, 2023

When somebody rejects all of the practical paths towards fighting imperialism and class exploitation, on the basis that they feel we should be taking a purer path, then you had better make sure this other path is viable. If it’s not viable, and they’re saying this simply to complain rather than to offer a serious alternative, then you shouldn’t even entertain them. Because what’s the point of validating somebody who has nothing constructive to say? Unless an option is practicable, it’s not worth bringing up.

Why I’m Pro-Russia & Pro-Rage Against the War Machine: Anti-Imperialists Can’t Win With Idealism

I find it funny that many of the sectarians had no problems working with The Libertarian Institute and Antiwar.com but they had problems with Libertarians running the Rage Against the War Machine! Egotism?!