Open persecution of the Orthodox Church in Ukraine

France delivers to Ukraine Caesar guns, Milan and Mistral missiles, VABs, rocket launchers, Crotale missile batteries. In total, France has provided more than a billion dollars in aid. Not to mention the training of Ukrainian soldiers on French soil. On Tuesday 20 December 2022, Emmanuel Macron announced that France would continue its arms deliveries in 2023. But what is the nature of this armed conflict – in which France is indirectly involved?

Open persecution of the Orthodox Church in Ukraine – Donbass Insider


YouTube: Attacks on Russian Orthodox Church in Ukraine!


Flash : daily Ukrainian terrorist shelling in Donbass + More

Flash : daily Ukrainian terrorist shelling in Donbass

That may be a retaliation for the destruction in Dnieper city, on January 14, of a residential building that the Russian forces did not target, but anyway, the Ukrainian deliberate terrorist shelling of Donbass is almost daily for more than eight years.


Four people wounded as Kiev forces shell commercial building in Donetsk

Donetsk, Jan 16 — DAN. Four civilians have been wounded in a Ukrainian artillery attack on Ilyich Avenue in the Kalininsky district of Donetsk on Monday.

The building ruined by shelling accommodated a pharmacy, a food shop, a lawyer’s office and a gym, the Donetsk People’s Republic Healthcare Ministry told the Donetsk News Agency.

Kiev forces fire 120 MLRS, “NATO” artillery rounds at DPR since Monday morning

Ukrainian armed formations have fired more than 120 rounds of ammunition at the Donetsk People’s Republic since the beginning of Monday causing civilian casualties and damage to infrastructure.

Donbass – A New Year’s Eve 2023 with the sound of guns and multiple rocket launchers

As the world celebrated the end of 2022 and the arrival of 2023, the Donbass experienced New Year’s Eve with the sound of guns and multiple rocket launchers. Unfortunately, the Ukrainian army’s New Year’s bombardment caused many civilian casualties.

Donbass – A New Year’s Eve 2023 with the sound of guns and multiple rocket launchers – Donbass Insider


Events in Donbass by 15:00 January 1: Armed Forces shell civilian cities, evacuate hospital in Pervomaisk

Six killed by Ukrainian shelling of Lugansk hospital

US-Funded New Voice of Ukraine: Ukrainian army reportedly attacks Wagner mercenary base in occupied Donbas

London’s City AM: Ukraine says 63 Russian soldiers were killed in strike on military base

The Strategic Communications Directorate of Ukraine’s Armed Forces claimed on Sunday that some 400 mobilised Russian soldiers were killed in a vocational school building in Makiivka and about 300 more were wounded.

That claim could not be independently verified. The Russian statement said the strike occurred “in the area of Makiivka” and did not mention the vocational school.

According to the governor of Russia’s Samara region, Dmitry Azarov, an unspecified number of residents of the region were among those killed and wounded by the strike on Makiivka.