Ecuador’s exporters caught between US and China after debt deal

Ecuador’s exporters caught between US and China after debt deal

The agreement, signed by the US International Development Finance Corporation (DFC) and the Ecuadorean government just days before Donald Trump left office in January, envisages the US buying oil and infrastructure assets in Ecuador on the understanding Quito uses the proceeds to pay off its debt to China.

Adam Boehler, the recently departed chief executive of DFC, has described the deal as a “novel model” to eject China from the Latin American nation.


In Search of Tomorrow

US development bank strikes deal to help Ecuador pay China loans

IMF agrees to lend Ecuador $6.5bn


‘It All Comes Back to China’

‘It All Comes Back To China’

80% of the medications marketed in the US are manufactured offshore, 66% of those APIs come from China, and are then, often shipped to India, for final manufacture. Because of recalls and issues of quality, many drugs that we commonly use in hospitals have been in short supply for years. CIDRAP identified 156 medications “used in acute care that, if unavailable for a few hours or days, can lead to increased patient death rates.” Sixty have been unavailable off and on for years. More to the point

What we are seeing now is some products that are in a shortage and others that are in a very tight market,” he said. There was a 51 percent increase in demand for sedatives and anaesthetics in March, compared to the same period in January, before the coronavirus pandemic hit the US. Now, only 63 percent of these orders have been fulfilled. For analgesics, a kind of painkiller, demand rose by 67 percent. Orders for neuromuscular blockers, which relax muscles, rose 39 percent. 

Gold Exports by Country

Below are the 15 countries that exported the highest dollar value worth of gold during 2018.

Switzerland: US$64 billion (20.9% of total gold exports)
Hong Kong: $37.2 billion (12.2%)
United Kingdom: $31.8 billion (10.4%)
United States: $20.3 billion (6.6%)
United Arab Emirates: $15.7 billion (5.1%)
Australia: $14.2 billion (4.6%)
Canada: $12.3 billion (4%)
Singapore: $11.1 billion (3.6%)
Peru: $7 billion (2.3%)
Japan: $6.3 billion (2.1%)
Ghana: $6.1 billion (2%)
South Africa: $5.5 billion (1.8%)
Germany: $4.6 billion (1.5%)
Thailand: $4.4 billion (1.4%)
Mexico: $4.3 billion (1.4%)
By value, the listed 15 countries shipped four-fifths (80%) of all gold exports in 2018.

Among the top exporters, the fastest-growing gold exporters since 2014 were: Singapore (up 1,136%), Thailand (up 57.5%), Japan (up 43.9%) and United Arab Emirates (up 27.4%).

Those countries that posted declines in their exported gold sales were led by: Hong Kong (down -25.5%), Canada (down -18%), South Africa (down -17.4%), Germany (down -16.8%) and United Kingdom (down -15.4%).

For a comprehensive listing of gold exporters, please see the section Searchable List of Gold Exporting Countries below.
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Source: StalkerZone, Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard, 1/15/2019,

There is such a rule in the psychology of groups: the group puts pressure on an individual via its authority and opinion and demands from every member to obey its unwritten directives. The individual searches for safety, and therefore has a need to belong to a group, and in exchange for being accepted into the pack they submit to the demands of the group. The entire animal kingdom, from dogs to humans, is built on this.

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