On The ‘Woke’ Flight To Taiwan + More

On The ‘Woke’ Flight To Taiwan

That too old ‘woke’ lady with the massive freezer full of very expensive ice-cream let it know through Taiwanese media that she wants to arrive in Taipei tomorrow, August 2, at 22:30 local time (14:30 UTC) and stay over night.

There is also this thought, by Cynthia Chung, which might become relevant:

In October 2019, Jake Sullivan, who became U.S. National Security Advisor in 2021, stated in an interview that the U.S. needed a clear threat to rally the world and play the role of saviour of mankind and that China could be that organizing principle for U.S. foreign policy. In the 2019 interview, he acknowledges that the problem was that people were not going to believe that China is a global threat, that their view of China is too positive and that the United States would need a “Pearl Harbour moment,” a real focusing event to change their minds, something he calmly stated that “would scare the hell out of the American people.”

She correctly traces such ‘Pearl Harbour moment’ thinking back to neo-conservative movement. Chung closes with this:

Thus, when Jake Sullivan observes that there is not enough anti-China sentiment to bolster an image of the United States as a “saviour of mankind” against China and that America is in need of a “Pearl Harbour moment” I would be very wary.

The circus around Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan in the coming days, and evident glee that is coming forth from many of these neocons frothing at the mouth over this prospect is a clear sign that something incredibly reckless and stupid is about to happen.

Pelosi’s airplane might indeed be shot down on her completely irrelevant and unnecessary trip to Taiwan, and if it is, don’t be surprised if it was the Americans themselves who are behind it, who have shown they are willing to do anything for that “Pearl Harbour moment.”


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Sergey Lavrov: “Staged incidents as the Western approach to doing politics”

Today, the Russian Armed Forces, together with the self-defence units of the Donetsk and Lugansk people’s republics, are delivering on the objectives of the special military operation with great resolve to put an end to the outrageous discrimination and genocide of the Russian people and eliminate direct threats to the security of the Russian Federation that the United States and its satellites have been creating on Ukrainian territory for years. While losing on the battlefield, the Ukrainian regime and its Western patrons have descended to staging bloody incidents to demonise our country in the eyes of the international community. We have already seen Bucha, Mariupol, Kramatorsk, and Kremenchug. The Russian Defence Ministry has been regularly issuing warnings, with facts in hand, about upcoming staged incidents and fakes.

Sergey Lavrov: “Staged incidents as the Western approach to doing politics”

Breaking Points’ New “Network” Features Neo-Cons and Squad Apologists

Indie News Network

Let’s Take a Deep Dive Into the Breaking Points and their Affiliates

After years of non-stop lies, many have moved away from the mainstream media and began going to alternative media sources. As a result, we’ve seen a lane of media emerge that positions themselves as anti-establishment or populist, but in the end are serving the same corporate interests of the mainstream media.

Stay tuned for more updates from Indie News Network on this developing story.

Breaking Points’ New “Network” Features Neo-Cons and Squad Apologists

Video by BigMadCrab on YouTube.

H/T: Breaking Points “Network” is Full of Oligarch-Affiliates and Neo-Cons by Franc Analysis on YouTube.


Neocons Co-Opting The Populist Movement

Suspending Russia: A Precedent that Undermines the Credibility of the Human Rights Council

April 8, 2022 BY ALFRED DE ZAYAS

On 7 April the UN General Assembly decided to suspend Russia’s membership in the Human Rights Council. This establishes a destructive precedent not only for the future of the Human Rights Council, but for the future of other United Nations institutions.

Suspending Russia: A Precedent that Undermines the Credibility of the Human Rights Council


YouTube: UN Vote Russia out of Human Rights Council – No Investigation, No Impartial Ruling (via The New Atlas)

Russia’s Exclusion from the Human Rights Council Sets a Dangerous Precedent

Corporate media parrots the Azov Battalion

Corporate media parrots the Azov Battalion

A cheerleader for Ukrainian nationalism and war, [Illia] Ponomarenko regularly posts gory photos of dead Russian soldiers and calls for NATO to intervene in the war on Ukraine’s behalf, thus assisting a social media campaign by Ukraine’s armed forces and the far-right that directly violates the Geneva Convention for the humane treatment of prisoners of war.

Notably, [Illia] Ponomarenko’s employer, the newly created Kyiv Independent, receives its funding from western imperialism, including Washington’s National Endowment for Democracy and the EU’s European Endowment for Democracy.

More recently, photos of the apparent killing of civilians in Bucha first appeared on the social media accounts of figures such as Ponomarenko and the far-right “activist” thug Serhii Sternenko. The photos and reports were then fed to Western media outlets, which again seized upon them to call for increased sanctions against Russia and the prosecution of President Vladimir Putin as a war criminal.

Photo captions by the New York Times indicate that Azov Battalion soldiers were among the first to enter Bucha on April 2 after Russian forces left the town on March 30. Despite this fact, claims of a wanton Russian massacre are promoted uncritically while those calling for investigation before judgement are smeared as “Russian trolls.”


The Washington Post Finally Admits The Role of the ‘Far Right’ Azov Battalion in Ukraine