Israel Freaks Out as Gabriel Boric’s Elections Signals New Direction for Chile

Israel Freaks Out as Gabriel Boric’s Elections Signals New Direction for Chile

Chile’s new president, however, is far from a radical and has gone out of his way to distance himself from other socialist governments currently under American attack. He has long been a critic of Venezuela and the administration of Nicolas Maduro. In November, he also wrote off the elections in Nicaragua (won by leftist President Daniel Ortega) as a “sham,” even going so far as to extend his “solidarity” to Cristina Chamorro Barrios, leader of an ultra-conservative party and a prominent member of Nicaragua’s most powerful family.

No wonder Biden approves!

I’ll soon be researching CPUSA vs Alexander Dugin, etc.

I first came across Alexander Dugin (he’s an Anti-Communist and Anti-Fascist), while researching right-wing Populism and Steve Bannon. I have posted his writings, on this blog, periodically. I keep putting off reading Dugin’s Fourth Political Theory, but I guess I should as the Communist Party USA (I’m not a member but there’s a reason why I’m researching this, as I state below) has recently written some articles equating him with fascism (everyone I don’t like is a racist/fascist according to many on the Left) and attacking Caleb Maupin. Many leftists refer to Dugin as a NazBol (National Bolshevik), because he either started the National Bolshevik Party (he has since left from what I do remember) or belonged to it. Some, on the Left, have also called Caleb Maupin a NazBol (I don’t believe that he is) because he once was at a conference with Dugin. Dugin is against American Liberalism and Imperialism but I need to refresh my memory on his other ideas. He is ‘supposedly’ a traditionalist, an ideology that I am not fond of. Michael Millerman, a Canadian instructor of philosophy, has some videos about Dugin, on his YouTube, and has interviewed him many times. I suspect that mainstream media exaggerates Dugin’s connections to Putin and that left-leaning alternative media sensationalizes his ideology. I will slowly be researching this planned infiltration into the CPUSA, by these Duginists, after the New Year (playing a game with an event that will be over soon). It may just be nothing. 🤷🏼‍♀️

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Source. The gorillas and stars are symbols used by Infrared followers.

Revival of Class Politics in the U.S.…Will It Be Socialism or Fascism?

Revival of Class Politics in the U.S.…Will It Be Socialism or Fascism? by Finian Cunningham

America direly needs a unified socialist voice that connects the various movements like Black Lives Matter, Climate Extinction, the Feminist Movement, #MeToo and #Timesup, Labor rights, transsexual rights, socialist and communist parties and the movement to transform capitalist business and all other forms of organizations into cooperatives. They need a movement and a party that is against all arbitrary divisions between people. The movement and party should be an umbrella organization. The handle and stem represent class justice. The spokes and their multicolored fabric are all of the movements that are needed to create class, race, gender, and sexual justice for all.

The Dangerous Myth of “Left Woke Fascism”

The Dangerous Myth of “Left Woke Fascism,” by Kenn Orphan

Without a doubt, the politics of identity have long been used in order to maintain hegemony and neoliberal policies. It is a cynical, but effective, way to distract from issues of class and capitalist exploitation. And it has been used to silence people who may offer a differing point of view by unfairly casting them as racist, sexist, homophobic, etc. But the nonsense of “woke fascism” has been created by far-right ideologues and peddled by grifters like Bari Weiss, Bret Easton Ellis, Jordan Peterson and Glenn Greenwald who rake in tons of money off this ahistorical, erroneous and dangerous rubbish.

“Wokeness” is a new term, but it is derived from the mid 20th century. “Stay woke” was a phrase Black American workers used to encourage attention to civil and labor rights issues. It was later revived by activists in this century. As is the case of all progressive movements under capitalism, the term was co-opted by corporations as well as the police/surveillance/military sector to whitewash real systemic inequities with feel good, empty slogans or lifestyle choices which simply amounted to more profit for their particular brand.