Inside the Trilateral Commission: Power elites grapple with China’s rise

Inside the Trilateral Commission: Power elites grapple with China’s rise (original)

Each new candidate for Commission membership is carefully scrutinized before being allowed entry. As a rule, members who take up positions in their national governments — which is uncannily common — give up their Trilateral Commission membership while in public service. Those include U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken, Jake Sullivan, the U.S. national security adviser, Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen and Indian External Affairs Minister Subrahmanyam Jaishankar.

This revolving door between the commission and senior government ranks has always been fodder for conspiracy theorists. Its first director in 1973, Zbigniew Brzezinski, later became U.S. President Jimmy Carter’s national security adviser. The very existence of the commission, meanwhile, seems predicated on the question of whether governing should be left to the people. It is a question the commission itself has tackled head-on since 1975: Is democracy functioning? Or does someone need to guide it?

That year, three scholars — Michel Crozier, Samuel Huntington and Joji Watanuki — wrote a report for The Trilateral Commission titled “The Crisis of Democracy.” In it, Huntington wrote that some of the problems of governance in the U.S. stem from an “excess of democracy.”


The Crisis of Democracy – Trilateral Commission – 1975


Colombia’s First Leftist President Charts a New Path on Venezuela + Government of Venezuela and Opposition Resume Mexico Talks

Colombia’s First Leftist President Charts a New Path on Venezuela

While critics derided the meeting as just another propaganda spectacle for Maduro, Petro has sent a signal to opposition parties in Colombia and the international community, particularly the United States, to rethink its approach if they hope to improve relations and achieve a successful political transition in Venezuela.


The recognition of Juan Guaidó as interim president of Venezuela will end in 2023, according to two sources close to the opposition

Guaidó’s possible change of status occurs just as the opposition coalition establishes the rules to select the unitary candidate who will compete in the next presidential elections in 2024.

So Biden can support a new interim president for Venezuela.

Government of Venezuela and Opposition Resume Mexico Talks: What Is on the Table? (+Alex Saab)

Still skeptical of Gustavo Petro.

The Sordid History of the CIA

The CIA is a huge organization mostly filled with good people who consolidate information from other American intelligence agencies, foreign intelligence agencies, and corporate intelligence agencies. Some CIA officers work with murderous dictators and criminal organizations involved in the drug trade, arms dealing, and government contract fraud. There are great YouTube videos that provide insight into covert CIA operations. This is far too much material to condense into a short video. Here is a quick review of great YouTube videos about the CIA with a link to them below.

The Sordid History of the CIA via Tales of the American Empire

Related (Regis Tremblay’s YouTube was removed, so including different interviews):

Rev. Bill Davis: Contragate (1990)

Douglas Valentine: The CIA and the war in Ukraine (2022)

The CIA As Organized Crime With Doug Valentine

DeSantis and Future Foreign Policy Disasters + His Military Secrets

With his refusal to go along with lockdowns and mask mandates during the pandemic, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis emerged as a hero to many in libertarian circles. But as his name is now consistently put forward as a prospective or even likely 2024 Republican Presidential candidate, those who view him favorably should take a sober second look. On foreign policy in particular, DeSantis promises to continue the disastrous policies of his predecessors, which have made us uniformly less free, less safe, and much poorer.

DeSantis and Future Foreign Policy Disasters


“I was screaming and he was smiling”: DeSantis ran Guantanamo torture

YouTube: Ron DeSantis’s Military Secrets: Torture & War Crimes

Philippines: Our Foreign Policy on China Is Clear, But Is It to The United States?

The chief architect of Philippine foreign policy is the President.

It appears that the sitting President has been somewhat slow in defining it but certainly he knows that buck of responsibility stops with him.

Our Foreign Policy on China Is Clear, But Is It to The United States?


Are Freedom of Navigation Operations and Innocent Passage Really the Same?

U.S. destroyer challenges China’s claims in South China Sea

Kamala Harris Heads to Philippines to Pick a Fight With China

NATO plans to absorb Finland, Sweden before summit in Lithuania

Baltic Times, November 15, 2022

NATO’s ambition is Sweden, Finland’s membership before Vilnius Summit – Lithuania

NATO decisions on further bolstering its eastern flank and the participation of Sweden and Finland at next year’s Vilnius Summit as full members should be the Alliance’s ambition, say advisers to Lithuanian President Gitanas Nauseda.

NATO plans to absorb Finland, Sweden before summit in Lithuania