Protests in Kazakhstan! Why Kazakhstan?

I’m quite sure this has western backing. That’s my relatively educated and insightful opinion. A“protest” of this size coming out of nowhere? Not credible.

Protests in Kazakhstan! Why Kazakhstan?

My thoughts, as well!


Kazakhstan: This is NOT a protest.

Further Reading Recommended by Penny (archived because it’s behind a paywall for me):

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Former Secretary Of State Colin Powell Dead After COVID Complications

Former Secretary Of State Colin Powell Dead After COVID Complications


Colin Powell Brought “Diversity” to War Crimes and Imperialism.

Throughout his career, Powell was trotted out as evidence that we live a post-racial society. He served as a token to show that racism is over and inequalities were just the fault of individuals. This has been a strategy usually used by the Democratic Party, but the Republicans also dipped their toe into “intersectional imperialism” with Colin Powell.

Colin Powell: A Failed Opportunist